Anyone have tips on essay introductions?

I have to write an essay on the three most significant changes in the development in history that I learned about last year. This is for AP European history for 10th grade. I think im going to write about the Neolithic agricultural revolution, the alphabet, and the money economy. But I dont know how to start. I’ve never actually had a good english or history teacher to help me be a better writer. But I know that my teacher for next year always has her students write essays on every test and as regular assignments. What is a good way to start an essay? She only makes us write introductions for the beginning of the year because she considers them so important, but I have no clue how to write a good introduction!!! Can anyone give advice on good introductions, or anything about essay writing??

Answer #1

never start off with ‘ in this essay i am going to’ !.. and yh i agree with ‘kaychin’ start with a good quote or a good sentence summarising the subject… gd luck:D

Answer #2

A good essay starts with an outline. You have 3 great ideas. Take your topics and break them down into outlines, then combine them into one outline so you can have some organization to your thoughts. You probably have a lot of great thoughts and useful information but when you start to write, things go all over the place. An outline will help you keep things flowing and emphasize your strong points. To help with getting your information and thoughts in perspective, ask these six basic questions; Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Next, you begin to write the essay and you need an introduction. The introduction is your thesis statement. It should clearly state the intention of the essay without too much information. Once you come up with your introduction, refer back to your outline. If you want your introduction to be to the point, you can capture the idea of your essay in one or two sentences. If you would like to grab the attention of readers immediately, use totallyunknown’s ideas. Beginning the essay with a question spices it up a bit. Using a simple introduction statement is “by the book”. This is very basic information I have given you. I hope you get some more ideas that will help you even more.

Answer #3

start off with a quote, you can never go wrong with a good quote.

Answer #4

essay writing is simple

  1. introduction 2.main body 3.conclusion What ever you are going to write about always write out in rough first or do a spider graph so you can refer back to something to make sure you are covering all the main points as you cover each point you can mark them off.

  2. In the introduction just explain to the reader what it is you are going to write just a couple of paragraphs depending on the amount of words your allowed.

  3. In the main body this is where all relevant information needs to put and write it so that it flows and not jump frop one thing to another and back again.

  4. the conclusion this is where you will explain your findings was it what you thought it would be, did it have a different outcome etc and there you have it how to write an essay Hope I’ve been of help to you regards

Answer #5

well, i know what you mean in a way.i hate writing, and i suck at major suck.haha.anyways.ive always thought that reading something that has questions in the beginning is a good thing, it always interests your reader to keep reading, and pulls them into the, i guess if youre writing about the most significant changes in history, as the alphabet for example, a good way to start off might be : Have you ever wondered where you’d be without a language, the main way of communication? Did you know there is no language if it wasnt for the alphabet? then begin telling the origin of the alpabet and so on and why its an important change in history.=]

hope this helped

Answer #6

A good introduction is an attention grabber.

Here are some i found:

· Relate a dramatic anecdote. · Expose a commonly held belief. · Present surprising facts and statistics. · Use a fitting quotation. · Ask a provocative question. · Tell a vivid personal story. · Define a key term. · Present an interesting observation. · Create a unique scenario. · Startling information. · Dialogue. · Summary information.

Answer #7

this is my first semester, and I always get stuck, I am writing an essay on college students using there time wisely. how should I start?

Answer #8

relax, get calim, tap into ur knowlage, and write! the best ideas are going to come when u do not panic!!! write what comes to mind and you will overcome opsictles. Im starting to sound like my Lanuage arts teacher, scary…

luck, TA

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