How can I escape from the Army?

Hi thanks for your time, I’d really appreciate any advice you can offer, ok here’s the problem, I come from a very backward, stupid, third world country ruled by a famous very old and brainless dictator. Anyways in my country, going to the army is not optional, after you graduate from college you’re forced to join the army. And guess what I’ve just graduated and it would be really nice to go on with my life but no I have to “serve the freakin army” for the next year of my life (probably spending it cleaning toilettes) instead of preparing for a masters degree !… :( So to summarize the problem, this is a list of things I can’t do: -Leave the country -Hide -commit suicide -bribe my way through it -break my legs (I’m too chicken to do It. btw this is a very good reason to break your legs :) And I want you to tell me what can I do :)?

Answer #1

In order to get out of the military on good honorable discharge, which is chapter-11. You need to see the military counsler. They will need to know what is wrong. All you have to do is say, I have been emotionally stressed out, have been woozy, not eating, I’m loosing weight, I can’t think straight. My stomach always hurts, I can’t even concentrate on my P.T. Just make them think your suicidal, but never tell them you have thought of killing yourself, cause they will lock you up in th looney bin, and will make you attend the military once you’ve refurbished yourself. Trust me. What they will do is send you to the counsler, and you need to use the same story every time, and never get off track. Cry a lil bit too, this shows weakness. But hey, what they don’t know, won’t hurt them. This will get you out while your in for a month of basic training, trust me, it works.

Answer #2

Try paying a dector and getting a false note for having flat feet, or some heart relate problem. If not, you can always try to make them believe you’re not sutable for military service by showing them that you are very ‘’weak’’. Another way to do it, just leave the country. Or suck it up, and join an elite unit (if you can) that can teach you a lesson for life. In the worst case, just serve that year; you’ll see plenty of things and you will be used to a harsh way of living.

Answer #3

I think mister grimes needs to read your whole post carefully and look at what country you are from. . . EGYPT. Well you could hide out but then you would be branded a coward or worse. either leave the country seeking more education else where or go ahead and join. . . the military isn’t all bad, it helps you learn better self disipline and look for areas of training that will be to your advantage. . . Good luck.

Answer #4

i would leave your country and come to good old America!…the land of oportunity my friend. you can find a better education here anyway and you wont have to serve that crappy army in the country u came from.

Answer #5

Want to try something DIFFERENT ??? just do the following RIGHT NOW ;

1–chant ‘hari om’(hari as in HURRY & om as in HOME without the ‘H’) do this repetedly & a point will come where you will feel like you just want to close your eyes ( in that case case do it).At this point increase the number of O in om like HARI OOOM & then —HARI OOOM— & so on.when you chant this VEDIC MANTRA then remain silent (no thinking!,fidgeting,moving,etc) for an amount of time taken to chant this one mantra.this looks very very simple but its effects are very very very large (even ALBERT EINSTEIN would not had imagine it !!!). this is called ‘CHUP SADHANA’ & I learned it from ‘param pujya ASARAMJI bapu’.—>” “

also read folowing it will help remove all weakness from you,believe me millions have obtained benefits from it ,literally.

note: women during their periods are not to chant OM but they can chant HARI

this I say to you on basis of teachings of ‘param pujya ASARAMJI bapu’

Answer #6

are you from Egypt or Israel? either way man I don’t know…its a lot different in the USA…wish I could help

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