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I have so much pain right now. Which do you think hurts the most: Emotional pain or physical pain? I am not tolerant of physical pain and I am definetly not fond of emotional pain. When I have physical pain, like a sprain in my neck I feel like nothing could hurt more. I was wrong.It feels like my blood is trying to jump thriugh my skin and that it is trying to find warmth and comfort but all the souls around know my true blood and it just wants a place that is safe for it.I am a senoir at Roanoke High and my boyfriend doesn't get me. He is a controlling pig and I steady go for it. He tells me what and what not to wear, when to call him, I must tell him everything I am doing and the time that I m doing it, I must bring him half of everything I eat, I cant smoke without him, I cant hang with friends, he doesnt want me to go anywhere including Mcdonalds, I can only talk to him on the phone if I am in my room, I have to text him what thong and bra I have on in the morning while he is at schooecause I dont have to be to school until 9:27, No one can be in my room while im on the phone with him, I have to be laying down in the bed to be on the phone with him, I cant eat or drink anything blue, I cant say "fish or crab" I must say C-rab and splish, and there is so much more stuff that you wouldnt believe! If you dont think that this is controlling than you let me know why. I play clarinet and I am really good. This is waht I love to do. Im famous in my little town for my musical skills and what I love to do is play instruments. 4th period we have band together and we didnt really have to play today but the band teacher wanted the sum of us to add in our instruments and parts. He asked did I want to and I said yes. My boyfriend got mad and went and sat to the back of the room. I went back there and asked him what was wrong. He told me in a smart way, "Go down there and play with them. Leave me alone, dont talk to me!" I was outraged. I got angry and made a scene. I ended up breaking my $2000 clarinet and I stomped out of class. (I now have to pay $500 to get it fixed) Why would he get mad that I want to do what I enjoy. I mean, I spend a lot of time with him and it's not like we dont see each other. I spend lunch and remediation with him everyday-that's one hour. He walks me to all my classes. On saturdays he comes to my house from like 6:30pm or 7pm til 10:40pm on saturdays. I spend a half hour with him everyday after school at the store and in the school parking lot. Sometimes longer because he'll drive me home. I talk on the phone with him on mon, wed, and friday 7-8am and then 4-5 then 730pm-7:45pm and then from 9-whenever one of us falls asleep and if its me he gets mad and catches an attitude. Tuesday and Thursday, I talk to him on the phone from 4-8 then 9-til one of us falls asleep. Sunday we talk 8-9:30 then 12:30-til 4 and sometimes til one of us falls asleep. Does anyone see where I am coming from? I love him but this is killing me inside out. He loves 4wheelers and he has 2. At times he will even get off the phone to ride it. He will go riding at night and he will go chill with his cousins and do things that he likes-I let him because I know he enjoys it. In This incident I couldnt even do 1 little song adlibbed and soloed with guitars and piano because of how he is. Dont get the wrong idea about him: he is funny, nice when he wants to be, humorous, he buys me stuff, I buy him stuff, he doesw little sweet things like kisses and more, he even bought me a pair of sneakers for school. Lord knows that when he is happy things are going good because I am a naturally sweet person but the minute he gets mad retorically he ignores me, texts me cursing insulting ignorant messages, he will walk right past me, and even send text that say KISS MY *SS. I dont trust anyone and im not close enough with anyone enough to tell them my problems that is why I need this anonymous opinion and advice. Im not close with anyone any more because he doesnt want me to talk with no one on the phone but him or text anyone else. He thinks that this means that I am putting them before him. We have been together for 22 months. Our relationship wasnt always like this. It used to be more reasonable and real. Now I feel hurt, bothered, and so disconnected. Please help me out and give me more of an answer than just to break up unless you believe this is the best thing for me.

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Break up with me, or you better tell him to respect you girl! My boyfriend started showing signs of this and then I got him whipped back into being sweet like he used to be. You need to show him that you DONT need him in your life, that its a privilege he is there. Fight back and dont let him treat like you that. You are STRONG and independant :) . beeetch him out, break up with him, dont talk to him for a while and then when he comes whining back cause he cant find a girl who will put up with his crap like you, make him BEG to be back in your life .

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Look I have been in a relationship like this before. Hes a control freak! Which in the long run can lead 2 abuse! =( Look I know this isnt what you want 2 hear but this is not going to get better it will only get worse over time. I think that you should breakup with him and I know that it seems hard but I really think that is what is best for you. He has issues.

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I thank you for advice. =-) It's going to be hard but I NEED to be happy. you r right.

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