What are some emo bands?

Can some people name me some emo bands? Thanks ;)

Answer #1

ok ok soo yah,im a emo ok and fall out boy? wdf? ok I was preppy at first ok but I want to be emo I liek da style but anyways,FALL OUT BOY??? wtf >.>

Answer #2

Okay, some emo music is: Flyleaf Paramore Scary Kids Scaring Kids Waking the Cadaver Jimmy Eats World Death Cab For Cutie Fall Out Boy Forever The Sickest Kids Three Days Grace

Answer #3

MCR ain’t emo, people. they said so themselves.

Answer #4

yeah umm MCR IS NOT F*ING EMO!!! what the hell??!?!?! just because they wear eyeliner and wear pretty much full black all the time DOES NOT mean their emo!! this video proves it all::: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lcu0XvCC5GA

Answer #5

MCR arent emo I suppose but they do kickass and gerad way is a hottie hot hottie

Answer #6

My Chemical Romance, Hothorn Highs, Jimmy Eat World

Answer #7

emo = emotional music. my chemcial romance/fall out boy/hawthorne heights/panic! at the disco… so on and so forth. sound like little girls…

i suppose you could call them “emo” i hate that word…..

Answer #8

heres one how about Hollywood undead Knife called Lust or My black dahlia

Answer #9

You are what you think and say you are. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE says they’re NOT emo. So yeah, problem solved.

Answer #10

panic!at the disco thats all I no but My Chemical Romance are a KICKASS Rock band tho

Answer #11

HIM is so not emo and hannahcouture billy talent is so not EMO my chemical romance is EMO

Answer #12

AVENGED SEVENFOLD, LINKIN PARK, PARAMORE, and FALL OUT BOY ARE NOT EMO!!! But they are AWESOME (with the exception of Paramore. They suck)

Answer #13

You know, that was actually a compliment. I love emos.

Answer #14

My friend LOVES my chemical Romance and she got really mad when I told her I thought they were emo. I mean, just look at them

Answer #15

Yo guys?

MCR is definitely not emo despite how much they sound like that, Gerard Way said it himself. FallOut Boy is kinda considered to be emo but honestly, they arent. They’ve got more of a pop-punk thing going on.

Check out; Matchbook Romance Seconhand Serenade Get Up Kids Yellowcard (for sure) Dashboard Confessionals SimplePlan (very punk) Bowling For Soup

Hope that helps. Oh and Green Day is purely punk, they are not effin emo!!

Answer #16

MCR, FOB, 30 seconds to mars, The Clash, AFI, Metallica…etc.

Answer #17

evanescence, my chemical romance, fallout boy, marilyn manson, avenged sevenfold, underoath, ect

Answer #18

hawkthorn heights goodnight fight (gnf) flyleaf fallout boy him my chemicl romance evanescance

Answer #19

Don’t listen to anyone that says My Chemical Romance is an “emo” band. In a review, they said that their sound wasn’t emo and they never wanted emo supporters. They are just another rock band. Same with Fall Out Boy. They are just a pop-punk band that makes girls squeal because of Pete Wentz. Here’s an “emo” band: Bring Me the Horizon

Answer #20

My chemical romance and fall out boy are not emo bands

Answer #21

My Chemical Romance Evanescance

Answer #22

If you actually listen to their lyrics, then Linkin Park is sorta emo.

Answer #23

hey wait wait wait.

the clash?


that’s actually a crime right there.

Answer #24

hollywood undead taking back sunday 30 seconds to mars evanescene billy talent

Answer #25

Why stop at just emo music? Here’s some bands:

Esc the Fate Bless the Fall Silverstein (#1) Taking back Sunday Thursday Kill Hannah Atreyu Senses Fail Strike Anywhere Paramore The Used Saosin Autumn to Ashes Hawthorne Heights Aiden Thorn For Every Heart It Dies Today Smile Empty Soul Underoath Halifax Alesana Flyleaf My Chemical Romance Blink 182 Angels and Airwaves Sum 41 Plus 44 Skillet Cute is What we Aim For Breaking Benjamin As I lay Dying Funeral for a Friend 30 sec from mars Thrice Scary Kids Scaring Kids Armor for sleep Everytime I die FAll Out Boy Green Day We the Kings Guns and Roses Switchfoot Relient K

Not all of them are emo. But listen to them anyways. Remember though, SILVERSTEIN IS THE BEST!!!

Answer #26

AVENGED SEVENFOLD! Evanescence IS NOT EMO, but they’re pretty good. The Open Door is my fave Ev album. Atreyu and Bullet For My Valentine are awesome bands also.


Answer #27


you f**king r-tards..

emo is a type of melodic and sad music mixed with a kind of sound people consider to be pop-punk..

like for example: fall out boy. jimmy eat world. get up kids panic!at the disco(maybe..they’re more alternative rock though) motion city soundtrack(kinda) and new found glory(kinda)

emo-core is different than emo. Emo-core is like emo mixed with hardcore. and I personally find emo-core more depressing for some reason..I dont know why but it is..anyway..

some examples: my chemicle romance my american heart texas is the reason

and other stuff like that

and by the way: the clash.. HIM.. marilyn manson.. green day..

they are not emo..

here’s what I personally listen to a believe to be emo..

AFI billy talent(but not really..) cobra starship(kinda) coheed and cambria(kinda) cute is what we aim for FALL OUT BOY the get up kids Jimmy eat world the juliana theory kaddisfly(kinda) moments in grace motion city soundtrack MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE new found glory(kinda) panic!at the disco paramore the red jumpsuit apparatus(kinda..but not really) saves the day something corporate taking back sunday this providence tokyo rose(kinda)

again thats what I believe to be emo and actually listen to..

Answer #28

ok 1st off 30 SECONDS 2 MARS IS NOT EMO!!!

they are alturative rock [cant spell btw]

I should no im like their biggest fan

& most of those band you people listed is just like rock or puck or metal not emo

some that you listed are but most arent

    but im into rock not emo music because emo music just like is bot people who are sad & hate their life & rock has accually better songs

<3 30 seconds 2 mars

Answer #29

Silence of a Silhouette, Pierce the Veil, Say Anything, Saves the Day

Bands that aren’t really emo, but worth a listen:

Appleseed Cast, The Dear Hunter, Paulson

Answer #30

H.I.M is not f*ing emo its love metal! and dont even throw marilyn manson into that catagory! god I hate that word its so lame and I like some of those bands and most of them arent emo. but fall out boy is stupid. they just want money. and the clash is not emo neither is 30 seconds to mars! sheesh!

Answer #31

death cab for cutie, my chemical romance, afi, hawthorn heights, panic! at the disco, taking back sunday…my sister inlaw is “emo” she helped out with this one, I hope it helps

Answer #32

for all you dumbasses who think you know what emo is its what ever you want it to be so there fuuuck ooofff posers

Answer #33


Answer #34

Mae - Mae Aiden alkaline trio - kinda goth-punk though Atreyu - hardcore emo :screamo kinda band wrong side of the bed sounds good bullet for my valentine - emo-core. there are metal parts My american heart taking back sunday dashboard confession-though this is probably more of punk bleeding through -emo-core the used. saosin - definitely emo INme- alexisonfire - hardcore silverstein Funeral for a Friend from first to last… on the last day hawthorne heights brand new cute is what we aim for(well not really but I personally think there are a few emo songs here and there) orgive durden(I think they sound emo but there’s no official that says they’re emo though,they rawk)

Answer #35

Fallout Boy ya gotta love them or as they would say hate em!

Answer #36

the used alesena paramore escape the fate

Answer #37

you guys are dumb; My Chemical Romance aren’t emo. Check out Sunny Day Real Estate. Fugazi, The Get-Up Kids, Promise Ring and Weezer’s Pinkerton album. trust me; I know a lot about music =)

Answer #38

Evanescance isn’t “Emo” ither!

Answer #39

DUDE!!! you’re obviously an “emo” poser.. emo doesn’t even exist. and if it did, it’s a type of music or an emotional person. anyone could be “emo”. theres no such thing as freakin emo.

Answer #40

0–9 30 Seconds to Mars

A The Academy Is… A Day to Remember AFI Alexisonfire The All-American Rejects The Almost American Football …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead The Anniversary Amber Pacific The Appleseed Cast At The Drive-In

B Benton Falls Braid Brand New Boys Like Girls Boys Night Out

C Cap’n Jazz Coheed and Cambria Cobra Starship Cute Is What We Aim For

D Dag Nasty Dashboard Confessional The Dismemberment Plan Drive Like Jehu

E Elliott Emanuel Embrace Escape the Fate

F Fall Out Boy Fightstar Forever the Sickest Kids From Autumn to Ashes From First to Last Funeral for a Friend

G The Get Up Kids

H Hawthorne Heights Hellogoodbye Hey Mercedes

I I Am Ghost

J Jimmy Eat World Joan of Arc The Juliana Theory

L Lostprophets

M Matchbook Romance Mayday Parade Mineral My Chemical Romance

N New Found Glory Northstar

O Our Last Night

P Panic at the Disco Paramore Pierce The Veil Pop Unknown The Promise Ring

R Rainer Maria The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Rise Against Rites of Spring

S Saosin Saves the Day Say Anything Senses Fail Silverstein Simple Plan Something Corporate The Spill Canvas Squirrel Bait The Starting Line Story of the Year Sunny Day Real Estate

T Taking Back Sunday Ten Second Epic Texas Is the Reason Thrice Tokio Hotel Thursday

U The Used

Y You, Me, and Everyone We Know

Answer #41

Geez guys didnt you knew that screamo is a kind of emo music

these are some real emo music


okay that’s all what I got right now and for your information my chemical romance is an emo band and green days also evancence is not an emo band even doe it seems like it hope is help you guys

Answer #42

well as it seems, everyone has they’re own opinions on what emo bands are .. no need to get mad at people for having there own opinions.. just like, I don’t think all “emo songs” have to be depressing and stuff.

some bands I consider emo are .. ;; nevershoutnever ! ;; cute is what we aim for ;; deathcab for cutie ;; all time low ;; a bird a sparrow .. and a band I really like thats not totally emo but kinda is, is “brokencyde” they’re my favorite band right now.

some wanna be emo bands are .. ;; metro station ;; fall out boy ;; simple plan ;; my chemical romance ;; the all american rejects

Answer #43

MCR FOB or any of those gay bands mentioned are not freakin emo!

real emo music btw, isn’t loud it’s emotional.

real emo band I know for example is Mayday Parade never heard of them? well thats because they are indie…true emo. and yes they are signed artist.

Bullet for My Valentine is screamo/ metal. not emo. sure the some of the lyrics are “emo” but that doesn’t make them emo. jeeze peeple.

Answer #44

I dont think many people know about them, but anti-fitness club they are a signed band, but they are hungarian more punk than emo but my fav band I know all the words (how to pronounce) but not what they mean :P they are awesome though, their best song (in my opinion) is: tobbet ersz

Answer #45

You know, that was actually a compliment. I love emos.

Well, I don’t think my chemical romance are emo.


Answer #46


Answer #47

~From Autumn to Ashes ~A Day to Remember ~From First to Last ~Chiodos [thats emo-core basically] ~Bullet For My Valentine ~Armor for sleep ~JamisonParker ~Calvary Kids [scremo/emo] ~Death Cab for Cutie ~Cute Is What We Aim For ~Paramore ~Good Charlotte ~SimplePlan ~Thrice ~yellowcard ~Adien ~saosin ~the used ~Haste the Day ~august burns red ~PANIC! At the Disco [emo/scene/fad] ~Blue october ~glassjaw ~and the armed [not famous, small town band but great] ~ScaryKidsScarringKids ~all that remains [it matters how hardcore emo you are]

~and many more that was all on top of my head

Answer #48

There’s nothing emo about Metallica, they were kicking SERIOUS arse back before most of you were even born! Sure now they’re just a shell of the titans of metal they once were, but their old stuff (pre-Black album) still gets metalheads going.

The Clash: Definitely NOT emo, they were making music back in the 70’s. That’s even before I was born. They’re highly revered as one of the bands who started it all for the punk and hardcore “scenes”. That is an insult to their legacy to see them on a list of emo bands.

Answer #49

My friend LOVES my chemical Romance and she got really mad when I told her I thought they were emo. I mean, just look at them

Hmmm… Well, I think I am that friend, and I say that because emo is a stupid label, and that they are not emo, in the defined sense of the word. Why are you against me? I stand up for what I know, what I believe in, and what I believe people should believe in. You should know that by now. I thought you would. Britz

Answer #50

just b/c they look emo doesnt mean they are. the soul purpose of MYcHemiCALRoManCE is to give hope to the hopeless

Answer #51


Jimmy Eat World SAves The Day The Ataris Dashboard Confessional Matchbook Romance

I guess The Used, Yellowcard (kindaa), and the Promise Ring are kinda to.

Answer #52

UGHHH MCR ARE NOT EMO!!! you doodle brains! They are the furthest thing from emo DX

Answer #53

My Chemical Romance are emos. But that’s a compliment, I love me emos.

Answer #54

HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS IS THE BEST!!! fall out boy three dayz grace

Answer #55

My Chemical Romance are NOT emo!!

Answer #56

mcr is not f* emo their pro life!!!

Answer #57

AFI, MCR, evanescence, hawthorne heights, bullet for my valentine.

Answer #58

Well, I don’t think my chemical romance are emo good because they’re not

Answer #59

NICKASAUR!! TOKIO HOTEL… I think that is emo lol


just a video I found about emo music.

Answer #60

kp…ich weis ja net was man da schrieben soll…egal was man schreibt die bönd wird dann eh von einem andern als nicht “emo” bezeichnet…und deshalb is es doch schwerig ma eine richtige zu finden…wo bei ich iwi matel bands über haupt net für “emo” finde… würden die sich denn wirklcih metal anhören naja…ich über lass euch die diskossionen!

Answer #61


it depends.

first off.

emo stands for emotional hardcore.

mcr, 30 seconds, fallout boy and all that are NOT emo in the original sense.

they’re crybaby pop-punk if anything.

to be ‘emo’ it has to have elements of hardcore in it and still have romantic/emotional lyrics.

check out stuff like my american heart, texas is the reason, rites of spring, armor for sleep, mineral, at the drive-in, the julina theory, the get-up kids, and possibly august burns red if you push it a bit.

Answer #62

Hawthorne Heights Senses Fail The Maine Chiodos Four Letter Lie Jimmy Eat World Pierce The Veil The Red Jumpsuite Apparatus Faber Drive Skillet Tokio Hotel Escape The Fate Alesana Dashboard Confessional Further Seems Forever NeverShoutNever The Ramones Secondhand Serenade

Answer #63

Um MCR and Green Day are far from emo they’re more punk and gay.

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