What does it mean when my email address is automatically sending out messages to people?

I have a mac. I just checked my sent messages, and there’s a link being sent out to people I dont even know. Is it a virus and how do I stop it?

Answer #1

ur computer has been hacked

Answer #2

So what do I do?

Answer #3

I don’t give out IT advice, am sure others on here will help u out.

Answer #4

At least to help point you the right way…. I’ll give you some advice….

What’s likely to have happened is that you have a virus on your computer that’s used your e-mail account to send out with — This is very common these days…. unfortunately….

While there are more and more AOL and HOTMAIL accounts that are getting hacked, and you didn’t say if your e-mail was on those, or maybe even yahoo…. In THOSE cases, if you can still access the account, you might be able to stop it by just changing your password to a really good one — like NOT your name, or something really obvious.

If your e-mail is thru something other than those, and you use your computer to send mail, then the likely place of the problem IS your computer — it’s infected.

Short version — you need a anti-virus program. This MIGHT help get rid of things.

If the problem has been going on for a long time — you migh be forced to reload from the CD’s for the computer to get rid of things.

There are some good online anti-virus programs you can use to help get rid of things — but if you are infected, that is only 1 part, you still need to actually get a real anti-virus program installed — that will cost you some money…

That’s the best advice I can give here —- If all else fails — you can go to one of your local places that sells computers and have them help you….. Unless you have a friend that knows what they’re doing….

If you want to try any of the online programs, just do a google search for online virus scan. Norton has one, Trend Micro has one, McAfee has one… They’re all the same in the end… I won’t recommend one over another for this reason. They all have their good and bad points…

To buy one — you’re looking at $30-$50. You don’t need to go crazy and get the $130 versions…. it’ll slow your computer down and make you not want to use it!

Good luck!

Answer #5

I actually had the same problem a few weeks back. As far as I know, my system was not infected, though. I changed my email password, secret question, etc, and it seems to have stopped. So I’d recommend you change that information first. If you’re worried that you may have a virus, however, definitely do a deep scan on your system as well. Do you have any anti-virus or malware software installed? Fire it up. xD

Answer #6

Your email has been hacked. Email all your contacts that you’ve been hacked so they don’t think you’re trying to scam them or send them a virus. Change your password. Good luck.

Answer #7

do this and in this order..

  1. copy the link and send it to me (funmail) if you dont want to do that forward it to my email (jearemy, dara and ericson all know it)
  2. change your email password to summet very hard.
  3. do a virus scan.

personally i dont belive someone has guessed your password to your email login. i think youve caught a worm from somewhere and now its doing what it does and mass emailing.. so for argument sake everytime your opening your browser, its the browser that could be the key thats setting the worm off.

Answer #8

heres the vid i said in funmail.. apple lie lol

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