What do you do when you have eaten peanuts and you're about to go out with someone who's got allergies?

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Floss and brush, use listerine if you have it, and make sure you change your clothes and wash your face and hands...you'll want to get rid of all traces of it.

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Brush your teeth?

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is it possible to still have an affect if i was to see this guy lets say tomorrow at 2pm ?

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highly doubt it

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If you don't floss and brush, it's possible....peanut allergies can happen with trace amounts, so just make sure you've brushed your teeth and washed and you should be fine

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k thanks alot
i dont want to send the guy to the hospital on our first date that would soooo bad and id hate my self

thanks alot again gladly appreciate it

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Brush your teeth & mouth wash. & if you really want to be on the safe side, do NOT kiss

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It depends how severe his allergy is. If he could have an attack on the smell of a peanut, then I suggest you have a shower and wear different clothes. Brush your teeth, floss thoroughly, and use listerine. Make sure your hands are clean too.

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Depends how allergic this person is..does the smell give them an allergic reaction? if so definetly make sure u wash ur face and hands properly. If itz only a digested allergy n this person is ur partner i suggest u don't kiss using tongue for that night even with brishing ur teeth. Wash hands!!! I myself suffer from peanut allergies

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