What should I eat/drink before football training and after?

Answer #1

Pasta is really good to eat before, it’s really filling and it’s pretty light on your stomach. My brother prefers to drink chocolate milk after, or he uses this muscle building milkshake stuff.

Answer #2

eating spaghetti or another food high in carbs and drinking water or powerade is good to eat and drink before training and after training drink plenty of water and you can eat whatever

Answer #3

Eat fruit. Fruit is a excellence source of viatimins A, and c and a great source of easy to digest fiber. It also give you energy. DONT EAT THINGS LIKE FAST FOOD, CANDY, OR JUNK FOOD. Your body packs the sugar into your white blood cells (that gives you energy) which gives you the rush. But after 30 mins, the sugar digests, which makes you slower. Energy drinks are a BAD CHIOICE as well. Once you drink a energy drink, Your heart starts to work fast, which makes your blood runs faster to your central systems. And then once you body finishes this rush, you start to sweat, and become jittery. Eat fruit, and drink water or juice. NO DRINKS!

Answer #4

-A high carbohydrate, low fat snack is easily digested and normalizes blood sugar -Avoid fatty meals or snacks, because they delay stomach emptying -Meal should be moderate in protein, just enough to satisfy hunger -Drink lots of fluids. Your snack can be a liquid meal such as a fruit shake

Answer #5

Anything high in carbs and ensure you drink lots of fluids so you stay hydrated.

Answer #6

Eat an hour before to not puke and after football take shower because the shower calms body down so it is easy to eat also eating anything before is bad unless your lucky and have a strong stomach I do and thank god because I eat everything before football.

Answer #7

eat light foods :) a cup of rice and a little meat :) and rink energy drinks such as gatorade :) Thats what I do when I was playing soccer :P

anyways,outcome if great :) I feel like a 4x4 Truck that has a V8 engine. [brroooom,could never forget that they when my toes was dislocated LOL]

Answer #8

could never forget that day I mean :P

Answer #9

You should have a little snack.

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