How to train for football?

Alright so im a junior and I have wrestled for 3 years. next year will be my senior year. we have a very good football program and I have always wanted to play but I don’t know why I didnt. its gonna be my senior year in a half a year and im 100% sure im gonna play football. im the fastest kid in the wrestling team and whenever I talk about football people tell me to try out for runningback. im about 6’1 and 170 pounds. I can bench 225 about 3 to 4 times. can you guys give me tips on what position I should play and what can I do to get better and be ready to play as a running back like should I run everyday and what exercises to do??

Answer #1

Actually… your stature sounds custom built for either running back… linebacker… or defensive back… if you are fast enough. Coming in as a senior… you’re going to be incredibly lucky to land a starting position at tail back… Full back is a little more reasonable… but it all depends upon your adaptability and athleticism. Having the wrestling experience… you may be a natural at Linebacker… and it may be more rewarding than becoming a blocking heavy full back.

You need a strong core… your bench press is more than adequate for your age… having strong enduring legs is key.

One exercise in addition to your current regime… that I would recommend… have one friend who owns a compact car accompany you to a flat quiet road… or flat plot of land… and you push the car a given distance… as fast as you can… rest and recover and repeat… start out by doing it as many times as you can in 30 minutes… 3 times a week… and build from there… always allowing a day between to recuperate. If your teammates aren’t doing this… you may end up taking a starting position from them.

Be sure to stretch… you can start now. Football is notorious for causing injuries… some are unaviodable… but a lot of times the culprit is having cold… tight muscles and connective tissue… your coach will begin and end practice with stretching… you may as well get an early start and condition yourself for this.

The most important aspect of playing football is learning the plays. Your team may have over a hundred in their playbook… and your assignment for each play will vary according to the defense the other team fields. Vice versa if you play defense… you have to know when to stunt and blitz and which gap to fill or back to shadow… or zone to occupy… according to which offensive set you are presented with. Knowing what is going on and what your assignment is… means you are a dependable player… coaches will love you and your shot at starting will increase tremendously. Perhaps you can find someone who knows the plays to tutor you… hopefully they can make you a copy of their assignment sheets for you to study.

Hope this helps… good luck!

Answer #2

I’m 6’1 and 180 lbs. I’m a wide out for our varsity football team. I think you might want to be a little more built for running back and faster, so I think wide out is the best possibilty for you.

WORK OUTS: Mostly work with your agilty and how fast you can cut corners. Stamina is a big effect with wide outs so just run about 2-3 miles a day to build it up. Bench press and incline push ups is a good way to build your upper body but isnt needed.

DO YOU HAVE GOOD HANDS?: If your just ok? to get better… Face your back to someome throwing the ball at u, they throw the ball and say LOOK and thats when you turn around to catch it. Try to catch it 8 out of 10 times

Answer #3

Well you sound like your alredy conditiond but if your going to be a runningback you may have to get faster. You are the fastest on the westling team, dose not mean your fastest on football team. A good thought for football “BIG is good” you may have to gain some pounds. I know westling is a sport you have to be the right weight but not in football. Then you have to learn all the plays. Then your going to be a good football player. so Good Luck.

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