What's easier to skate with - rollerskates or rollerblades?

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Answer #2

I find blades much easier because it is easier to stop whereas with the other, it’s harder to stop as all that you use to brake is the rubber block. I can’t ever seem to stop and just seem to keep going.

Answer #3

I find rollerskates are much easier for me. I get incredibly sore ankles from blades.

Answer #4

I can’t stop with the rubber blob thing, if i even try using it i’ll face plant. -.- I know how to slow down tho.

Answer #5

For me, skates are easier.

Answer #6

Me too! That’s why I find the other easier :/ I hate the rubber thing. I just end up going until I fall on my face, or someone saves me :D

Answer #7

Oo, I confused the two LOL.

Answer #8

Blades. I can go faster and stop easier. Period.

Answer #9

The first time I tryed on roller blades after wearing regular skates I could’nt stand up. But after I got really used to them I could’nt use regular ones again. It all depend on you center of balace though. - Katie :)

Answer #10

Depends. If you have practice with ice skates, then you will go easier with blades.

Answer #11

Skates are easier for balance (I think) and Blades look cooler and are better for speed, though if you get the hang of using blades, they can be easier.

Answer #12

My dad tried teaching me to rollerskate, and it was absolutely impossible for me. He eventually had me in grass, just walking with them on to try to get me used to them. When he went into the house for a phone call, a few of my older friends stuck rollerblades on me, and I was doing fine on those by the time he came back outside after the call. Rollerblades are so much easier to control, and if you fall it doesn’t hurt your ankles as much. I say that unless you want to be part of disco skating or something along those lines, you’ll never need the experience you get with rollerskates, so you might as well start with rollerblades.

Answer #13

i think rollerblades are easier :)

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