is it a bad thing that drugs make me clamer?

Answer #1

Like what kind of drugs are you talking about, and in my opition yea it is sorta a little weird that they make yu calmer unless there suscribed to your and some drugs have an affect to make people calmer it depends on the person…

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theses drugs and subcribed and well basickle the drugs i do are weed n meth along wiv some others bt thy sem to make me calmer cuz befor i sarted to take them i had a bad tempa on me bt now its like you cant piss me off

Answer #4

Well like I said most drugs especially weed and meth can make you really “mellow” I mean I have never don them but I kno so people that do

Answer #5

And what, you think people take drugs because they feel bad afterwards? People take drugs, abuse drugs, and become addicted because drugs help them in some way. The only problem is the trouble/pain it causes in the long run isnt worth it. You just have to figure that out.

Answer #6

The only drug that will calm you down is weed and maybe sometimes pills

Answer #7

It is a bad thing and here’s why. Many people do take drugs to feel better. Often that means that they should be on a licit and legitimate drug for emotional issues.

Many people start out abusing/ using drugs simply as a means to feel better (self medicating). The problem with that is that long term use… it will only make everything worse.

Meth is not a drug to be playing around with. It is addictive and will lead you to nothing good. It will remove any goodness that you currently have in your life and it will deliver to you a slow hell. If you don’t believe that, find someone who is addicted to it and go see for yourself.

What I would advise you to do is to make an appointment with your physician and find out why you feel you need something to make you feel calmer. It’s quite possible that you need medication for anxiety or depression and don’t realize it.

I wish you well and I wish you love… you deserve so much more so please seek it.


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