Do you know any home remedies for a drug test?

I need a Home remedy for a drug test, please help

Answer #1

from my past i had my friends tell me to drink alot of water, something with acids in it (orange juice and other things) i dont really know if it works. but its worth it. i know this over the counter thing that people take for urinary track infections works. makes your pee orange as hell. but from what ive heard from people that did it said it works. goodluck.

Answer #2

Dear lnd_maples53, Like many other hoaxes you will find web sites trying to sell ways to beat drug tests. You will also get a lot of folk lore on how to beat the tests. The truth is that there is nothing you can ingest that will fool a drug test, especially a test for THC the chemical found in marijuana. With time a lot of other drugs will leave the system but pot can stay in the body for a very long time. THC is stored in body fat and the more you smoke the longer it stays. It’s been recorded as staying in the body over 45 days in heavy users. Sue…good luck

Answer #3

It depends on the drug test you are trying to beat. Some are more beatable than others. It also depends on the type of test like urine, hair, swab etc. How much or how often the use of the drug in question you are talking about.

Answer #4

well one works if u smoke marijuana u can drink pickle juice or vinegar which ever one u want

Answer #5

You’ll find a lot of remedies but you’ll just be wasting your time because none of them work.

Answer #6

well i cant help you with that but how about a little advice… STOP DOING DRUGS AND YOU WONT NEED A REMEDY FOR A DRUG TEST… dur

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