How can I make drinking milk easier?

i want to start drinking milk because its good for you but everytime i try i end up gagging ive tried holding my nose so i dont taste it but the texture grosses me out to, its really thick and gross, and i dont like where it comes from the thing on the cow where the milk comes from looks gross, but i dont know why i cant just do it, normally i just eat/drink things anyways regardless if i like it or not, but milk is just one of the things CANT drink but everyone else can and im like the only one who doesnt drink it.

Answer #1

drink chocolate milk and if thats still a problem then drink it quickly

Answer #2

add honey?

Answer #3

drink soya milk :)…. vegan goodness :) try it its like milk but dairy and lacto free and is healthy i prefer the taste too .xx

Answer #4

tihi :)

Answer #5


Answer #6

i dont know… it sounds like a bad combo but ill try it thanx:)

Answer #7

i dont like chochlate milk either, or strawberry milk, i just dont like milk

Answer #8

through a straw

Answer #9

No, It’s not a bad combo, Milk with honey. Well personally I don’t like it, my most of my family :)

Answer #10

Just have It when you have cereal?

Answer #11

I know that i absolutely HATE milk. But, I love yogurt, cheese, icecream, … things like that can get you the same nutrience.. Ive tried soy milk.. skim milk.. it all tastes weird to me.. and the texture of milk just makes me gag.. so mabye just pile on the other dairy products and skip the milk?

Answer #12

i hate ceral, i especially hate it because of the milk thing i dont like sawgy cereal i only eat it dry when i eat it at all, but i will try the honey thing

Answer #13

thanx, i could do that, i love things with milk in them, but i just dont like milk

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Answer #15

I’ve got to say, the nutritional value of milk has been questioned. It’s bad for your skin and encourages the build up of phlegm. The calcium helps your bones but that’s about it, and you can get that from cheese anyway. I’d say if you don’t like it, don’t drink it. I know really healthy people that never have milk, not even with cereal or anything, so it’s fine not to. It doesn’t help out much anyway :)

Answer #16

Well you can try using a little sugar with it or honey to give it more of a better taste and stuff. If not, then you can just try having things that have milk in them, like yogurt, or cheese and stuff like that. Also you can try to have milk with your favorite type of cereal, or having it with a banana, or some bread and stuff, that just don’t make the milk taste like milk so much. You can drink it with Nesquik stuff that make it taste like chocolate or strawberry.

Answer #17

You can add a little cherry syrup and stir, taste great

Answer #18

not just soy milk, there’s also rice milk and almond milk which tastes really good. These are way more healthy than cow milk :)

Answer #19

thanx!,:) i guess i just wont drink it lol i am pretty healthy anyways,so i guess it isnt going to kill me if i dont have any milk, i do eat a good amount of dairy so it should be enough

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