Do you drink water out of the sink or from a water botttle?

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Both. I don't understand people who get all uppity about drinking tap water. Water bottles I tend to just end up grabbing if I'm going somewhere and want water.

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ppl dont like tap water cuz it's not purified (thats what ppl say))

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I drink both. Which do I prefer? Bottled water. It just has a better taste. :D

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Bottle water because it taste better...

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Well I live in washington and my tap water taste amazing and is super cold but I rarely drink it from a cup. Normally I fill up several bottles of different kinds with tap water and stick them in the fridge. I prefer drinking out of a bottle because its more portable and less likely to spill because you can cap it. I honestly don't like purified, bottled water I think it tastes disgusting XP

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Depends. The last two places I lived had horrid tasting tap water so I drank bottled. The tap water where I live now is good so I usually just drink it.

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i prefer bottled..drink tap tastes weird i think..sometimes..but this place i live in now..the tap water is actually pretty i guess it would just depend...

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I don't like bottled water. I can taste the left overs from all the chemicals they use to treat it and "purify" it. Even had a few burn my throat.

I drink tap water, and at home its filtered and chilled through my fridge (gets rid of the chlorine taste from being on city water.....). I also love going to my friends place because his is quite literally glacier fed mount spring water. Maybe thats why when the bottled crap says "mountain spring water" I don't believe them :P.

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I only drink the water from my fridge. Water from a bottle dries my throat and water from the sink isn't very clean and it taste really gross.

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Tap water, everyone in my family drink from bottles but I prefer tap water. I think it tastes better too.

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I drink both but when I make tea or fancy coffee then I used purified water from a gallon jug.

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Tap water, why pay for somethings thats otherwise free?

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I usually just drink bottled water when I want water, although I do drink the tap water when there is no bottled. As for why, I prefer bottled water because our town water is seriously nasty. It has a very awful aftertaste when it is consumed pure.

If we are making juice or coffee then I do use tap water because the taste of the coffee and juice disguises the gross taste of the water its self, so it's okay to drink then.

I have nothing against tap water personally, I just can't get past the taste our water has.

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I rather drink out of a water bottle ;)

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I drink from a water bottle because in my opinion it tastes better. Plus , at my house it actually is better because it's well water and the pipes are really rusty.

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depending on where i am.

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depending on where i am.

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depending on where i am.

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