Dreaming about Utah, what's the reason?

Everytime I’m in bed, all of a sudden I start dreaming about Utah. I don’t know what it is though, but, I’ve been wanting to visit since I became Mormon which was back in 2006. I keep imagining what its like to live there since I hear that its equipped for the blind. Which I am. What could be other reasons for dreaming about Utah?

Answer #1

An intense urge to do something, thinking about doing things before you go to bed, they both can have an influence on what you dream about. This is sort of how you control your dreams, albeit rather vaguely…

Answer #2

I’m mormon, and I’ve been to utah. it’s a good time, I guess. it IS equipped for blind people, on a side note. I don’t know why you’d be dreaming of it, but if you can afford the trip out there, I say go for it. going to all the church historical buildings and free tours and stuff is a lot of fun. anyways, best of luck with it…live the dream.


Answer #3

I dated a Mormon once, which of course gives me the right to talk about their religion. Just kidding of course, but from what I gather it’s a pretty amazing place. Since you’re LDS it makes sense that you would want to go there, and I’m sure it would be an AMAZING experience for you, and yes, I capitalized amazing. Dreams have amazing powers to reveal what one really thinks. I am not Mormon myself, but I think it is a great benefit to discover what one’s faith is truly about. I hope that you get to travel to Utah and talk to the great leaders of your religion to determine that the path you choose is the one you really believe in. Good luck, and always stay true to yourself.

Answer #4

Don’t think so

Answer #5


Answer #6

I have lived in Utah and find it incredibly beautiful. It is definitely worth the trip. While I am not mormon, a good majority of my family is, and the history of it all is astonishing. The temple in SLC is grand and the natural parks are amazing as well. With all of this it only seems natural to dream about it!

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