What's your dream house?

And where is it?

Answer #1

A log cabin in the Swiss Alps :)

Answer #2

A massive house which has a swimming pool that blends in with the ocean, it has to have lots of light coming in with a massive library. I would like it to be on some exotic Island.

Answer #3

I want to eventually move back to Christchurch so my dream house would be there. Im not sure exactly what it would look like, but it would have a library and a little cinema and a park-like garden.

Answer #4

I so know what you mean..♥

Answer #5

A luxury houseboat with a little yatch towing behind it.

Answer #6

I have always wanted a big home over looking the beach on some exotic island like the Bahamas…surrounded with flowers & a swimming pool, marble floors spacious rooms and plenty of sunlight…space for kids to play and a backyard to grow some vegi’s & fruits surrounded by loads of grass & a place to entertain friends & family while having a BBQ.

Then I said to myself, wow, all that is beautiful, but who in the world can clean & maintain all that without a staff? Not me, that is for sure… So, I have to take it back…perhaps a 5 bedroom apt over looking the beach on some exotic Island like the Bahamas would be more practical… a living room to entertain guests, rooms for kids to play, overlooking the quiet tranquil beach minus all the work. Lazy, hell ya…but practical too! Know your limits, I know mine! ♥

Answer #7

My dream house - one thas paid off with no house notes! Mainly though, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, seperate laundry room, fully stocked stainless steel kitchen, hardwood floors, carpet in the bedrooms, walk in shower big enough for two people, jaquzzi tub, front and back closed in portches, and a huge swimming pool in the back yard.

Answer #8

I want that too but somewhere near Ashville, NC.

Answer #9

why ashville?

Answer #10

I always thought a glass house near a lake would be pretty cool .. in a wide open space with not too much furniture but just enough . No clutter. I like things to look open and more relaxing :p

Answer #11

I used to drive to Ashville and like the way the mountains look.

Answer #12

A big house on a hill too look at the city :] It will have 4 bedrooms 2-3 bathrooms, a beautiful kitchen a big living room a game-room, a pool, and the house should be 2 stories :] and the ceilings must be high!! :D thats the house i WILL have some day :)

Answer #13

My dream house is a stone and log house on Lake Tahoe with huge windows. I’d like massive stone fireplaces, including one outside, a huge kitchen, and an indoor pool. A well stocked garage, mainly classics (GT, Spider, Bel Air etc) and a Lambo! I always dream big!

Answer #14

I have always liked a rustic look, so I used to want a log house, until my parents built one (they really liked the idea of a log house also). Log houses are almost impossible to keep clean. Each log is its own little shelf for dust, and well I’m allergic to dust :P.

So now I’m leaning more towards all wood. My friend has a house where all the walls on the main floor are 1x 4, beveled and tongue and grove together running vertically.. Upstairs has over lapping 1 x 4’s w/o the bevel but with about 2” showing of the board behind it, running horizontally. Beams in the house are all rough cut lumber. I love the look and feel of his house. His doors are all home made, 3 layers of 1 by’s thick, and kinda look like a barn door. Nothing is painted, and or really stained or varnished. Just wood.

Only think I don’t really like about his house is that is just wood heat (which i do like) but its a bit much work to only have wood heat.

I plan to hopefully some day build a house using some of the same ideas. NO FREAKEN DRYWALL!!!! I hate drywall!!!

Answer #15

Forgot to put in there - best part of his house is how it doesn’t have that rich SOB fake rustic look. Where everything was purposefully manufactured to look rustic, it just pulls off this rustic old west kinda feel w/o trying to.

Answer #16

I’ve always wanted my own FULL bathroom!! Nobody messing up my toilet, nobody leaving hair on my soap, and noboby LEAVING THE TIOLET SEAT UP……. Now thats a dream com true!!

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