Would you considering doing dr*gs a 'normal' part of being in highschool/being a teenager?

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not really

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Whoa thanks how elaborate guys. Bravo!

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Actually I only really need people to elaborate if they say yes, so nvm :P no big deal. Sorry I went into b;tch mode lol.

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NO, dr*gs in highshool is not normal but weed is for sure....

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well i don't think so because you experience alot during high school maybe trying could be part of the "experience" but doing them not really. some peolpe do them to fit and and some for their reasons. is that elaborate enough?

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Sry Conner! D:) I just really don't! :D I do not believe it is a natural part of life! :D

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Interesting question, I wouldn't define it as 'normal' because I see the word normal as to mean 'socially accepted by the majority' or something like that. Dr*gs, yes, are widely used by teens (and adults) but that doesn't make them accepted by society. I would however class **experimenting** with illegal substances and erratic rebellious behavior as something that many teenagers do. The reason I say experimenting in little stars is because the experimentation is something to be expected, but we shouldn't expect 70% of teenagers in developed countries to develop a substance abuse problem. 'Doing dr*gs' kind of implies the act of consciously ongoingly sourcing and consuming the dr*gs. Do you mean experimenting with alcoh0l and dr*gs? If that's the case then I do agree that it's something to be expected, but I don't agree that it's 'normal'.

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Based on my high school and the schools around us, yes, I would say it is 'normal' for kids to use dr*gs. pretty much everyone drinks alcohol, roughly I'd say 75% smoke weed and cigarettes, and I would say almost half have at least experimented with harder dr*gs and I do know some kids that already have a substance addiction. It is different amongst different areas, my high school is in the dodgy side of Sydney, and it's full of junkies. So yes, I would say doing dr*gs is normal, as much as I am against them, it's the truth.

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normal part but a little bit crazy

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Yes and No, some places more then others. and I think it is part of the norm just cause kids want to fit in and the peer pressure if there wasn't that not sooo many kids would be doing it, trying it, or thinking about doing it.

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yes. Alot of teens have tried at least one dr ug.not that thats a good thing. its just reality. Theres peer pressure, and people thinks its " cool " Other people, like me, jst wanted to know what it was like.

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A lot of people tried using legal drügs when I was in school.

It was completely normal to try what being drunk feels like. But that is easy in my country, because beer and wine is legally available to 16-yr olds here. All other alcohol is legal for 18-yr old people to buy.

Many teens tried smoking. I took one cigarette, found out that the taste was disgusting and never took another. But several of my classmates were addicted to tobacco when we were 14 or 15.

These drügs are sort of "public use". means that they are present at almost every party and that teens in my country will smoke on the streets and drink in public without anyone caring.

Weed was another thing. People only used it in secret. It is illegal here, yet I know a lot of teens who said that they smoke weed. And I smelled it on some people, too. But I never actually went to a party where they planned to smoke weed.
I have someone in my family who used a lot of weed when he was a teenager and who is mentally ill/ psychotic now (hearing whispering voices in his head). So if you have the genes that are prone to psychosis, then weed can make you a complete basket case. The chances are 1 in 1000, but you'll never know till it's too late. So I'd say trying is a bay idea.

I heard about some ppl at my school who experimented with other stuff, mushrooms, laughing gas, mandrake, belladonna... one of them was taken to hospital after having a horror trip with sweat, convulsions and panic attacks... everyone else thought they were insane using that stuff.

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no... if that was the case... we would have thugs for presidents!!! nooooooooooooo!!

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Nope it not normal to me, practically no one in my high school did dr*gs

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no not atall..its all on the person..and what he/she decides..

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I dont think I would consider that teens/high school students/college students or anyone else for that matter using any sort of illegal substance as Normal, I would have to say it is the In thing or Phase...just like I would say that back in the 60's 70's illegal substance was around as well more like a phase in every generation. People use it for obvious reasons...


1. to escape their every day life...(usually people that try to run from their problems it's a way to mellow themselves down so they dont have deal with anything) To them I would say deal with reality rather then try escaping from it.
2. to be with the In crowd...(trying to prove something to their surroundings, like they are better then others & have more experience) I would tell them to stop trying to be someone they arent & learn how to be themselves!
3. some have to use it due to medical reasons to stop the pain...(like cancer patients or those that have been in a bad accident and need the substance to help them get through the day so they can be more mobile.) To them I would say how may I help ease the pain...:(

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What she said...

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It depends on the teenager and there purpose or there need to do D_rugs.
Alot of ppl arent matture enough to handle them as teenagers, bur depending on the d_rug id say its pretty common. For YOU id say normal; your a bada$$.

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