Dont know if I cna ask here ...about drugs

Ok so I dont know if I can talk about this kind of stuff here but yea ok I have smoking weed here and there for like 3 years now and I have really wanted to try -E- anyone know if it a really bad idea and dont say it is because your against drugs have some knowledge I want a real answer on this not a drugs are bad for you one. Please post if you have had experince with ut

Answer #1

I pop 2 and drink water few of sips den in 10-15 min you will feel it den jus take few sips at every hr so E wont make you fukd up or died and sh*t.. bt it felt gud tho as myself I went to party and I was hella dumb on da floor and danced all nite long..

Answer #2

yea i know what type id get and i know how good it is. So it not that and i know that u drink water but not to much vitamen c doesent actualy help on e it has been proven and ur not supposed to have sex cuz it is so great u cant have sex not on e anymore lol

Answer #3

The problem with illegal drugs is not the drugs themselves. It is the fact that there is no regulation or quality control involved with the productions and distribution. If you had a headache, would you take ‘homemade’ tylenol? Probably not. Thats why I prefer to stick with weed, it is a plant, and all natural, and not cooked up in somebody’s kitchen.

If E were regulated, and inspected and there were legal guidelines as to the potency and ingredients, you could safely give it a try and decide if it is right for you. But since you never know who made it, what is in it, and where it came from, it is alway a crapshoot on what you are eating. You might have a good time, you might die.

What you have to ask yourself, is if you are willing to take the chance.

Answer #4

E is crazy. And it can make you do really stupid things. I think just about everyone on the face of the planet has tried it at least once. Accidental or not. But unless you can handle extremely intense, unknown, wacky, uncomfortable, strange, crazy feelings, all at the same time with NO stopping, for approximately 4-6 hours, (if your lucky and depending on how much you do), I wouldny suggest “trying” it. AND i should add it can be very addicting, and dangerous. People have died from it. Be safe my friend, and god speed. :)

Answer #5

okay im not an expert on this but i no ppl that are so heres their advice………… 1.have orange juice….for dehidration 2.dont be around alot of ppl or commotion. 3.and …. make shure your with a girl……haha -my friend jhonny gave me these…and trust me any drug u got a q on ill help you out after i ask him…supposedly the orange juice helps b-cuz of the vitamin c…itll keep it flowin…idk but do it hes on this kk -v-

Answer #6

i tried E once, but it was an accident, i was very drunk and when someone gave me it they also gave me a chewing gum at the same time, so i misstook it for a sweet. anyway i wouldnt advise it, off 1 E i was halucinating, i was so paranoid and so bad i had to be rushed to hospital. in the same ward there was a girl who had took E a few times, even more than 1 at a time, anyway appaerntly the last time she took one she only took the one and was put into a coma from it, a few days later she died. that is the truth and i never lie. i wouldnt advise it because you may be ok one time and then there may be a time when 1 little pill is your last. Dont be a fool. you wanna rush when your out, try a cocktail.

Answer #7

well im agaisnt it as well but look at the risk my friend,possible brain damage even death al it takes it one time, plus the person giving it to ya may not be giving you E could be anything, same goes for weed, but if id reccomend anything to you if ur going to be experimenting with stuff get u a bottle of caffene pills man it will giveu the same rush as anyhing else will or, have a beer or so,

Answer #8

Well then, sounds like you have it all figured out. Good Luck my friend.

Answer #9

Good luck with that.

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