Why are pitbulls not allowed in England?

well the thing is I want to bring my dog to england but he is a staff and pitbull cross and they wont let him in. my question is why are staffs alowd in england but not pitbulls>?…x

Answer #1

staffs are pitbulls they were just breed smsller
and pit american pit are alll the origianol staffordshire bullterrer its just that some arnt as big as others but they all carry the same jeans created to protect and look after thosse around them just as adominet bull dog and the protectvenesse of a little terror there natral behaviour is to protect there pack just like you and me as were most of the nation would agree with me and say they would do anything to save there family is the same with staffs band pitbulls leave them alone they leave you alone I know this personly because I have one of each and they have never bit anyone I’ve seen my niece take a nwotsit out the dogs mouth with the wotsit still in almost perfect shape there is no other breed of dog I would leave with a child people worry about the dogs when it is the people that raise them that should be puneshed plus pits &staffs are prosocuted and germanshepperds an rockwilers get away wit murder cause thats what theretrained and breed to do

Answer #2

I have studied cynology for some time. I think the American Pitbull Terrier should be bred to extinction. There have been many breeds of dog that have contributed to our breeds today and no longer exist. The neurosis “to go to ground” or “kill” has been exploited in the Pitbull. When you combine the “terrier behaviour” with the size of the pitbull, along with people who do not speak dog well, you have a recipe for disaster! I am not speaking about the dogs that are owned by responsible pet owners. The owners who know “NOT TO PLAY TUG OF WAR” with a pitbull terrier. The owners who know that socialization, temperment testing and taking the dogs focus off of its mouth make him a better citizen. However; those owners are few and far between. To extinguish the breed also prevents the cruel act of dog fighting. We must seperate ourselves from our feelings about our pets in order to protect the well being of dogs.

Answer #3

Some people are just retards. It could just be the people there. And I agree, pitbulls are know for being aggresive. The dog is sooo cute!

Answer #4

I am getting really annoyed with these dumb small minded people talking bad about pitbull terriers. I have owned a red devil pitbull for 14 years and I also have two of her puppies from birth. Firstly, there is no such thing as a mechanism which enables them to lock their jaw it is a myth. Next thing is they are the same as humans. If you breed ANY ANIMAL or human to be violent, then they will indeed be violent. My dogs have grown up with love and affection and their only goal is to look after my children and please me at every opportunity. Naturally these dogs wil excell at any task given to them which unfortunately includes fighting. The dogs that attack humans you can guarantee have been either bred for fighting or have been ill treated. The police are quick to ban pitbulls but why not man dobermanns who have a history of more murders than pits? Any why have they not done post mortems on pits? This would prove they are born with perfectly normal brains and do not have some fantasy cells which would make them any more tempremental than any other dog. Also I would like to make a comment on the recent death of a young girl in England. HER UNCLE WAS INVOLVED IN DOG FIGHTING!!! He was purposely breeding dogs and keeping dogs for dog fighting!!! So how do you think those dogs were kept? I will tell you, he was probably kept in a dark cupboard most of the day and tossed raw meat. Beated with metal rods at every opportunity, sliced with a knife to get him used to pain tied to a treatmill for hours on end and beaten if he tried to sit, trained with a sleeve that fits on a persons arm and told to totally tear it apart or get beaten, starved for days to encourage anger, tell me, how would you react to humans if you had an opportunity to be around a weak one for a second if you were treated this way? WAKE UP PEOPLE and do some research!!! Oh and just for the record, my neighbours son would be dead today if it were not for my dog who jumped in the sea to drag him out, its funny when I wrote to the papers about it they didnt want to know. The police need to take some responsibility and instead of destroying loving pets, go after the breeders that breed for fighting dogs, go after the organisers of dog fights and go after the owners that abuse their animals. But no its far easier for you to say its due to the animals nature huh!! P.S I LIVE IN ENGLAND!!! THEY HAVE TRIED TO TAKE MY DOG BEFORE THEY CAME TO MY HOUSE TO TAKE HER AND I HID HER IN MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOURS HOUSE!! THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN BACK!! AND NOW SHE HAS HAD KIDZ!!AND I GOT TWO OF THEM TOO!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHA PPS - IF YOUR DOG IS SAFE I WOULD SUGGEST LYING AND SAYING ITS A STAFF!! SORRY TO BE A LAW BREAKER BUT I FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT IT!! THE POLICE JUST CANT BE BOTHERED TO STOP THE DOG FIGHTING ORGANISERS OR THE FIGHTING BREEDERS, ITS EASIER TO TAKE PEOPLES LOVING PETS!!

Answer #5

why can’t people relise if you can train a human to kill then you can train any animal to do the same. you could train a lap dog to kill if its treat badly. I’ve a staffy and a staffy x pit and my neighbour has a stupid little dog who is always attackin my cats but because it a cute little dog its k but bet if my dogs did it he’d complain.when will people look at the owners and not the dogs to blame.A while ago there was a programme in london with a black guy who owned a rotty who was so well behaved and you could tell he put lots of time and effort into training his dog to only listen to him. and another guy who was braggin his dog has killed there the type of owners who should be put down (not the dogs).

Answer #6

Well, Pitbulls are usually known for being aggressive and dangerous, and even though I am sure yours is not, they do not want to risk the chance of an accident. This law does not only apply in England, though. There are many other places that Pitbulls are not allowed. I don’t know the rules about mixed breeds, but I know that Staffs are allowed because they have no history of being a notoriously aggressive/dangerous breed. Best of luck! :)

Answer #7

I agree with the above. I live in england and know the story he is on about. dogs are what you make them. I have a rottie who is an absolute gem and wuoldnt harm a fly. in this country a dog of any breed is a dangerous dog if it attacks anyone I.e 2 ROTTIES ATTACKED A BABY AND KILLED IT. 3 JAPANESE AKITAS ATTACKED VARIOUS KIDS ON DIFFERENT OCCASIONS. AND PIT BULLS ARE BRED OVER HERE FOR FIGHTING PURPOSES IN MOST CASES. this all gives dogs a bad name and needs stopping. people like me with breeds of a certain type should have annual home checks just so they can stop all this agro then we might be able to stop aggressive dogs being bred. THERE IS NO SUCH THING IN MY EYES AS THE DANGEROUS DOGS ACT. the only danger is the owner. (beth ov england)

Answer #8

Well apparently you are allowed them in england but they have to be:

  1. neutered.
  2. insured.
  3. muzzled
  4. microchipped. and also they must be registered.

It shouldnt be this way at all seeing as its only the way in which somebody brings up a dog as to how they act. It is bad to focus on one well a few breeds of dogs due to how there owners have trained them up. Im sure like yours with a loving home they are excellent dogs to keep!.

Answer #9

I swear my best friends dad has a pitball terrier :S but I think because of dog fights.

Answer #10

all people thatv apposse staff and pitts should endure getting badley treated just 4 fighting and as a human beeing found gilty for murdering prinncesse die and now every body hates and wants you killed but you as a animal have done nothing wrong but because of your breed you must be killed no matter how well behaved you have to be terminated when it should be the owners off the dogs should be the ones that recive the stronger punishment in the sence as if your dog has to be put down the owner shoul be banned from having responseabilty of any other animal lifeshould be put on a list like a sex affenders but the equivlent to an animal standerd because animals are on ly as bad as the person/people that rear them thanx

Answer #11

what the f*ck!!! It just said at website that you could

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