How do i get my dog to stop swimming?

So we got a mutt/mongrel a few monhts ago and she likes water. Now, it is the middle of the winter and she swims in the evenings, pulls out the pipes of the creepy krawly and our leaf eater thingy while we are sleeping. Does anyone know how to actually get her to stop taking a nightly dip?

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You might have to restrict a fence, or a large cage that allows her to move around freely (I don't believe in kenneling dogs). Can't you bring her in the house at night?

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i cant stop my dogs,when they want to do something,only thing i can do to stop them is puling them,and tying them at some place,
they act like that when they see new people.

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I don't really want to tie her up. That would be cruel in my opinion.

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yes it is cruel,but it worths it.just for their for safety when my dad let them with me.coz i dont know how to make them under control.once they tried to bite me,so when my dad let them with me,"just twice in month"for a day.coz they try to bite people sometimes.
oh i was telling about my problem in your question.
sorry :)

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I replied to this.....seems not. Thanks for the answer, but our basset is sleeping in the fenced of area, else we have two terr0rs instead of one, plus a dog who barks at as much as her own reflection, but I'll try something.

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My dog was already abused and mistreated. We just got her to get out of her skin. I mean her coming to us for attention is nothing short of a miracle. I just don't want to tie her up, it might make things worse.

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you know better,you,ll find better way,good luck

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Give it old water bottles with water in it. Give it a little kids shell pool to play in but only put it out on warm days. Give it a balloon full of water. Small amouts of water will keep you and your dog happy.

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take it out of the water!

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