Dog pregnancy ?

I got a mini schnauzer from a friend. (Did not get along with her other pets.) It’s been around 7 weeks since we got her. I didn’t recognize her going into heat around when we got her. Plus the only dog we had outside was another female dog. When I let her out, she would only be out for a few minutes at a time to do her duty. There are occasionally neighborhood dogs that come around although I haven’t seen any around her. A week or two ago, she started getting a lot bigger around the belly and heavier, she is getting milk in with swollen nipples, occasional vomiting, appetite changes a lot (ever since we got her), and moody and snapper toward my kids. Is this pregnancy or could it be something else?

Answer #1

To editor, due your research. I work at a vet hospital and I breed Chihuhua’s. A dog does not go into heat every 2 months!!! A dog will go into heat anywhere ( depending on the size) every 6-8 months. My chihuahua went almost 9 months before her second heat. Now back to the question. Yes she could be and they carry for about 63 days. Dogs aren’t supposed to be a money make so who cares if they are mutts! What matters is you go to the vet and find out how far she may be, Pay the bill. And think about where you are going to place these babies. If she is not then great and you can pay attention to her when her next heat will happen. The problem is if she was with a bigger dog she may have problems. I just had a c-section done on my chi because she only had one baby in there and it took up all the room. Just talk to your vet that is the best advice you can get and make your choice based on the best intrest of the dog and yours. It is not easy raising a liter if they are “under foot “ and not just locked up in cages. Please just go to your vet and get her checked out.

Answer #2

Thank you tamcat, on the correct information on dogs going into heat…Generally, it is two times a year…Unlike cats, if they are not bred, they STILL only come in twice a year.

nickieakin…Please do some research on breeding dog. Simply “wanting” to do so isn’t a good enough reason to do it. Is this female a purebred? Registered? Do you know the “standards” for this breed? Does she fit those standards? Do you know what you’re looking for in a stud dog? Have you talked to another breeder, who might “help” you…?? You can’t just “know” somebody with a same breed dog, and then consider a mating a good thing. If you think this is a good way to make some extra cash…you’re wrong on that…”Breaking even” is considered doing well. This kind of thinking is a huge part of why they kill millions of dogs every year in the US…

If you don’t know anything about “dog breeding”, then start researching and start talking to other breeders (doesn’t matter what breed)…There’s way more to this than sticking two dogs together…


Answer #3

Alrite editor whatever, tey are not worthless if they are a mut or if they dont have the pappers.

so shut up,

not every1 has to have that stuff.

if you love your dog, you DONT have to have that stuff.


SHUT UP. and I think you should breed your dog 1 or 2 times and then her her spayed.


Answer #4

I don’t want to get my dog spayed because I plan on getting a male mini schnauzer. So don’t reply with that comment please.

Answer #5

um no there not woth any money if their a mut but if a person loves dogs and wants a dog, there worth love 2 them.

&editor no it dosen’t mean its going to b a mut sense you don’t know who she bred with.

yeah its 99.9% its mut but theres a posibiity that their not muts. and yes I think she is pregnat, my dog, torkshire yerrier had 5 pups about 3 weeks ago but only 3 made it..2 came out dead. and they dont mate every 2 months you dont know what your talking about editor. DOG COME INTO HEAT EVERY 6 MONTHS. EDITOR! GOSH!

hope I helped.

Answer #6

Dogs mate every 2 months. She is probably pregnant and will get pregnant again unless you spay her.

If you don’t spay her and you let her have these puppies, they will be mutts since you have no clue who she bred with. They will not be worth any money. It will just add to the overpopulation problem in America that has us euthanizing 2-3 millions of dogs and cats per year.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but this is a prime example of irresponsible pet ownership.

Answer #7

@ yesimalittle_cup_cake No they don’t…they go into heat every 2 months. Do your research. I work at an animal shelter, do you?

@nickieakin, if you really are going to breed her…make sure you have her papers. Otherwise the puppies are worthless and you’ll just end up taking them to a shelter like mine where they’ll be put to sleep.

Answer #8

Spay/neuter your animals!

Answer #9

Right on Editor!

Answer #10

and editor…see that girl even sed twice a year!!!

witch is every 6 months!!!

& you work at an animal shelter???

Answer #11

female dogs go into heat twice a year so thats probably 6 months apart. If her nipples and breast start enlarging with milk that is a sign that she is pregnant. Another sign you can tell by is her vulva will enlarge. You can tell if a female is in heat if she is always cleaning her vagina and urinates a lot.

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