How to tell from home if my dog is pregnant?

how can I tell if my dog is pregnant from home? I can’t afford a vet for her.

Answer #1


I hate to break this to you, but if you can’t afford a vet just to diagnose pregnancy, you won’t be able to take care of a pregnant dog.

The vet fees for checkups during the pregnancy, then costs of possible complications in pregnancy, and the cost of food, vet checks for the puppies, and medical care for the puppies.

The expectant mother will gradually require increasing amounts of food to nourish her developing litter. That costs money. There is always the possibility of a problem with delivery and that will cost money.

I work in a Humane Society, where we deal with 200 dogs every day who have been abandoned because their owners didn’t have their dogs fixed.

It’s so terribly frustrating for people like myself who strongly believe in spay and neutering, and adopting shelter dogs that are homeless because of careless breeders, and “accidental” breeding

You really should keep an eye on your dogs at all times if they are not fixed.

If you don’t know if your dog is pregnant, you shouldn’t be breeding, or have your unfixed dogs unattended…

Bottom line: if you can’t afford a vet now, you shouldn’t be letting this dog have puppies.

Answer #2

Hello Editor

I do see your point. I very seldom ever see any animals ran over or loose for that matter.

Our Animal Shelter gets a lot of support and does do a great job. They are set up somewhere at least every weekend adopting out dogs and cats. But they are a kill shelter. I don’t like seeing dogs and cats running loose, I know this causes pets to get ran over or lost or in the shelter.

I think the reason I am a little heated on this issue is because our AS is trying to get this passed here and we don’t have very many strays. The shelter may have 20 pets at a time at it’s max.

There is a city that got mandatory spay and nuter laws into effect that will fine people $100.00. if they are found with a animal not spayed or nutered. I missed the name of the city or I would repeat it.

Ok enough said.

Answer #3

What adorable Boston Terrier’s

You dog doesn’t need to go to the Vet to have puppies or even have visits during her pregnancy. As long as she is eating well and getting plenty of food. You should put her on Purina Puppy Chow while she is pregnant and while she is nursing. Give her some can dog food, just a little when she gets further along to add to her kibble.

I can’t figure out were people think future dogs are going to come from if we totally do away with puppies.

I agree with spay and nutering only to the extent that people do it when their dogs are just pets. BUT I do not believe in forced spay and nutering.

Not everybody that gets a pet abandons it. For every abandon pet there are hundreds of thousands that are loved and cared for.

I wish we gave as much attention to abandon people.

Answer #4

This is what bothers me is the Mandatory spay and nuter that some cities are going to. I just think it is too oppressvie, what is next.

Here in Joplin you never hadly see a dog running loose and if it is someone is looking for it. Our Animal Shelter really has very few animals in it. But the HS is trying to get fines in place for people that do not spay or nuter. I just think that is wrong. It is like communism, what is next? (we have 56,000 pop. but over 200, 000 visit here every day)

I think so many good programs get carried away. The HS had a good plan to spay and nuter your pets and did such good advertising on it, that everyone believes they should spay and nuter. But to say we are going to mandate it is going to far and that is were it is all heading.

Our animal shelter has had articles in the newspaper twice this year for killing dogs so fast, that the owners were looking for the dogs and had actually called the AS to see if their dogs were there, only to find out later that their dogs were killed in error, they said, the same day the dog came in.

OK I am getting carried away, off my soap box. I just feel this is taking away another freedom.

Answer #5

HEllo, I do believe in spaying and neutering, but I do NOT think it should be a law. I think way to many laws are taking away our rights. We don’t see a law prohibiting women to continue to reproduce that sit on the welfare system and ABUSE the help.( not the ones that really need it), or a law limiting the number of children you can have because of the number of children in need of adoption. Now im not sayin we need them just that if laws are going to take our choices away for our pets, whats next? Like another person on here said we NEED to spay and neuter… BUT NOT BECAUSE ITS A LAW… BECASE WE ALL KNOW ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Answer #6

I am also trying to find out if my dog is pregnant. I had my male dog nuetered about 1 month ago because I knew the age of one of my girls meant that she would be having her first season. That started about 2 weeks ago and the male showed no interest until late monday night (2 days ago) when I was in the other room he mounted her and became locked. I stayed with them to see if any mess came out after they seperated which it didn’t but I’m worried that he may have done it earlier in the day and emtied anything left in his tubes so to speak. Her bleeding stopped 1 day later and now he’s showing only a little interest in her. Has anyone heard of this before where the male has impregnated 1 month after being neutered?

Answer #7

I do NOT think there should laws to force spaying or neutering…(they trying to pass one in California, as we speak) it’s too oppressive and out of hand for legit breeders…but I can’t help but feel for the people who work in the shelters…the ones who work there because they love dogs and cats so much, they want them to at least know some love in their last days. They are the ones who do the “dirty work” for the irresponsible “pet” owners…if ya can’t afford to spay or neuter your pet, then don’t get one!! Let’s face it…if this little podunk town in the upper corner of Montana can have a spay/neuter clinic once a month…and it can be done for $15 (neuter) to $30 (spay)…then there must be clinics within reach of most people in America. If a person can’t swing $30 tops to not be part of a problem, then they should wait until they can.

The fact that $38.5 BILLION was spent on pets last year, tells me that most people DO care for their pets…but I read about an unwanted…unplanned pregnancies on here at least 3 times a week…they kill 10 million dogs and cats in the US every year…The vast majority of dogs and cats in the US are merely pets…and SHOULD be neutered or spayed…and it should be done because, it’s the RIGHT thing to do…NOT because the government says so…

I’m off my soapbox, now…:)


Answer #8

it takes about 5-6 mo. for a dog to have puppies. you should wait till about 3-4 mo. and you’ll be able to tell. her nipples will hang and shee will have a firm stomach.

Answer #9

Dogs are pregnant for TWO months, my dogs had two female puppies on Memorial Day and there so cute, you don’t always need a vet to tell if she’s pregnant, if she is pregnant her heating cycle will stop immediately, then close to the second month you might be able to feel a puppy or more?

Answer #10

feel around on her stomach and see if you can feel anthing thats sorta big and sorta hard if you think she is pregnant then keep feeling around on her stomach everyday to see if you can feel any puppies in her.:)

Answer #11

Totally agree, Phrannie. However, here in Palm Beach, they did pass a mandatory spay/neuter law but there are special provisions for legitimate breeders. I think it’s kind of necessary in this area, so close to Miami, where cultural differences really make spay/neuter education near impossible.

Answer #12

if your dogs is pregnant she will be very cranky and demanding then usual.she wil also eat a lot. her stomach will swell if its her first time her stomach wont be so big and nipples will get a little bigger. a dogs pregnancy will only last for two months.also if she is pregnant when she is about to give birth she will display nesting behavior, and look for a safe and comfy place to have her pups you can also feel and see the pups moving inside af ew days before shes due. she might chose your bed…lol. dont worry about what other people say. but if she is pregnant please take care of her or she might end up lossing some pups or all. hope I helped:)
good luck and let me now what happens please thanks.

Answer #13

It is 63 days from the time the female ties with a male that the puppies will be born. If your dog is going to have puppies you will have no doubt before they are due, just like a human Mom, your dog will show she is carrying puppies.

Answer #14

look at all the children in the world that have been tossed away,should they be spayed or neutered to,I mean hey I have children as well as animals and I love and take care of them very well, just because they are stupid and uncaring folks in this world that do not have a heart doen not mean that every one that owns a pet should have it fixed,there are folks that take better care of their pets then them selfs,so no not all pets need to be fixed

Answer #15

The Back Of her will start to widen up….and then her nipples will drop down and hang there!

Answer #16

prkswllflwr—I think that was a rude response not everyone is as perfect as you and can take there dog in right away to get fixed.You dont know what her reason is for her dog not being fixed maybe she was robbed or maybe she was in the hospital you just dont know!She asked a simple question.If you cant type anything nice then dont type anything at all.Everything happens for a reason and its already done so you being rude dont help.

Answer #17


OK, I can understand how your opinion would be like that considering where you live.

However, here in Miami, the situation is much different- and more dire.

“Here in Joplin you never hadly see a dog running loose and if it is someone is looking for it.”

Here in Miami, there are 7 stray dogs for every person living in the city. Driving to work on Monday mornings (since the city workers do not pick up roadkill during the weekend), I see anywhere from 2-6 dead dogs on the side of the road every week.

“Our Animal Shelter really has very few animals in it.”

The Animal Services department in Miami gets an intake of 200-300 animals every DAY. Can you imagine? That’s how bad the pet overpopulation problem is in this city. They receive 30,000 dogs and cats every year, and an average of 6,000/year are adopted out. This means they are killing 24,000 dogs and cats a year for space.

“The HS had a good plan to spay and nuter your pets and did such good advertising on it, that everyone believes they should spay and nuter.”

The state government cut the Animal Service budget by $1 million this fiscal year. This budget cut eliminated much for the funding for these educational programs. There is really a huge cultural gap, so all advertising must also be done in Spanish as well as English, which is also costly. The funds are just not there.

Now, I can see your points, because you live in an entirely different situation. But here, the Cuban population culturally does not spay or neuter. This causes this overpopulation that is really a serious problem here. So don’t be completely closed-minded to the concept of mandatory spaying and neutering in places where it might be the only way to control this pet overpopulation.

Oh, and also the program up in Palm Beach (an hour or so north of Miami), the “mandatory” spaying and neutering just means you must pay more for a dog license if you don’t choose to spay or neuter. They aren’t going to come to your house with guns stealing your animals to do surgery on them ;) It’s just to make sure the people who don’t spay and neuter are serious about why they make that choice.

Answer #18

I have a dog right now that is pregant and I was asking the same thing,I am sorry about my spelling lol. ok one way to tell is like what everyone is saying her belly will get bigger and so will her nipples. also the father she gets she will sometimes have a discharge and it is a normal thing. I have a boston terrier that I had bought from a kennel and it turned out that I was not just byeing the dog I was saveing her big time. thin we found out she was pregant when we took her in to get her fixed. good luck if you have any more ? email me at

Answer #19

my boston eats a lot anyway,she loves to be lazy with her mommy.she is a very clingy girl with an attitude so any other hints besides bigger belly and nipples?thanks.

Answer #20

I came on this site to ask the same question.I do have the money for a vet but why spend it when it’s not really needed? everyone has an opinion but everybody has buttholes too!!!

Answer #21

ok. I have a Jack Russell. We got home after dinner to find her nipples hanging lover and milk was coming out of it. she doesn’t look that much bigger in the stomach from what we can tell but she is acting a little grumpy. she has had a couple of false pregnancies but is there a way at home to tell if this is real or not.

Answer #22

I came on here to find out how I can tell if my dog is pregnant or not, but all I found was a bunch of people arguing about whether or not spaying or neutering your dog should be a law. thats pretty annoying. although I did find a couple things that can help me. thank you to the people who didnt argue about spaying and neutering.

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