How can i get my dog to calm down?

she is a 12 year old english setter and everytime she is left alone she starts to bark. she just started this and i have not experienced this with any of the other six english setters i have at my dads house. she has food and water, so it cant be that, and she doesnt have to go to the bathroom because she will act like this after going outside.

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rub his belly

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mabey she has seperation anxiety... try leaving the house 4 pretend. :) leave for like 5 minutes then comes back a give her a treat and praise her keep doing this and move the time up eventually she will know your coming back please like -K-

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i have tried that but as soon as i get up and walk away she starts barking mom and sister work and im at school and she is home alaone and we cant have her barking all the time

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we have tried this and have had a trainer come in but no progress...every time someone leaves the room she starts barking again

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hope i helped :)

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oh um... idk

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is there other dogs in the house???
mabey she bored??? or somethings scaring her....

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ummm im guessing uyou just will have to take her everywhere you go ...

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let him run out of energy?

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theres two cats that she plays with but i dont think theres anything scaring her

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singg a ladyy gaga songg to himm/herr lol!

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mabey shes bored???? wit hthe cats or something???

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ask the vet. my cat has an anxiety problem and we rub some jelly like substance on her ear every morning and it soaks into her bloodstream and calms her down

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Read some books on dog behaviour and watch dog whisperer!

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