Does music influence actions?

like when Marilyn Manson was blamed for the events at Columbine… or when those kids commited suicide and the parents tried sueing Ozzy for it…? Do you think that music does influence what we do ?

Answer #1

yes and no theres no doubt it can, as anything can influence peoples actions and thoughts music is just one of them but in no way is music to blame for anyone who decides to take there life, or other peoples lifes because of it a lot of those people have had bed expirience and things during there life, and thats whats to blame but music is not to blame, it helps a lot of people and if people arent strong enough to know what there doing could be wrong and not needed, then it can influence them to do soemthing bad but everything can influence people eg, beauty magazines promote low self esteem celebrities make people think they need to be thin to be beautiful so many things influence people in good and bad ways music is just one more to add to the list, but music like ozzy, manson and others are not to blame its the people whi interpret the lyrics wrongly and get the wrong message from them

Answer #2


People should be able to control themselves. Think of it this way: if someone told you flat out to kill your mother, and YOU killed her, is it the other person’s fault for just saying it? No, because you have free will.

Answer #3

Depends on the type of music that’s listened to and the lyrics. Many people listen to the music and change. Marilyn Manson’s lyrics, is like his way of life, yet he places it into words. And many people look up to him from that. And yes I do believe that people CAN get influenced by music. Not all though, so yeahh.

Answer #4

no I don’t think music can influence others. my mom thinks that manson has changed me into something bad and she thinks that since I have been listening to him it has gave me a attitude

Answer #5

artists arent to blame for how people look at theyre work the music is made so people will get a message, now I’ve heard my share of manson and ozzy and it didnt tell me to go kill people with a pistol

Answer #6

I guess it could. you just gtta you no not really take it to heart. Columbine and the Ozzy thing were just parents trying 2 get money from rich people

Answer #7

I don’t believe it influences actions, but music does influence moods. Perhaps a person has something in mind that they want to do something but needs to be put in the proper mood to do it, listen to their fav. music & then their in the mood to do what they wanted to. Or you have the idiots who take what the artiest is expressing though their music seriously & then does that. Either way it is the person’s own fault not the artiest. They express things through their music as a form to release pressure & express themselves, mentally as well as spiritually. Though as for Mansion & Ozzy I think their just in it for the money. Their music doesn’t seem inspired at all if you ask me.

Answer #8

depends on how the kid is im not going to lie when I watched power rangers as a kid [shutup lol] I so wanted to go out and kick some pink ranger butt! BUT my parents raised me good so I didnt act on it so

as far as kids being influenced by stuff like music,video games,movies,etc. I think its a parental issue I’m not saying that as long as parents keep their kids in a bubble nothing bad will happen THEY WILL BE EXPOSED TO ‘BAD’ THINGS it just depends on how they have been raised to handle it

oh and just as a side note: the kids that killed themselves over an ozzy song misunderstood the lyrics and ozzy got verbal crucified for it

Answer #9

All forms of media influences the way you think, but when it comes down to it, your actions are in your control… The parents were looking for someone to blame. If you looked at it as though music influenced them, then you should be blaming the parents for their suicide - no one has more influence over a person than their parents, especially at a younger age…

Answer #10

The lyrics of songs can really affect me - I find cynical or miserable ones leave me feeling really down. Therefore, I assume that the words of songs can really affect some people, although not everyone who listens to music with negative lyrics is going to do something really bad! I imagine those people must have already been disturbed and the music just led them along that track a bit further.

Answer #11

In respounse to legion: LMFAO that’s funny as hell I got to remember that one XD

Answer #12

No. People control their actions…what kind of music did Hitler listen to?

Answer #13

Well, it depends how strong of a person you are. Sometimes your emotions draw you to a certain genre, and sometimes the type of music draws out the emotion. Musicians can’t be blamed for the deaths of those kids. They made the music to show how they feel. And those kids also felt the same. So I guess it goes both ways.

Answer #14

It does, but the way in which it influences an individual can not be held as the fault of the artist.

Answer #15

I think music can influence us, as amblessed said, I think it can be in a good or bad way.

Answer #16

I think the “type” of music influences us - either in a good direction / train of thoughts, or a negative one.

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