Does getting the top of your ear pierced hurt?

I really want my ear pierced at the top but I’m scared it’ll hurt. what rating would you give it from a 1-10 ten being the baddest pain. I already have my ears pierced three times at the bottom.

Answer #1

I really badly wanna get my done but iduuno if itss scary..

Answer #2

It does hurt when you are getting it done first but after a while you would’t know its there.

Answer #3

it doesnt hurt that bad. it hurts a little more than your third piercing. and the pain lasts for like 30 seconds after you get it pierced but after that its fine

Answer #4

helll yeah it hurts

Answer #5

it hurts a bit but heaps worth it. I lurrrve mine,

Answer #6

I just had mine done the other day didnt feel it going in and still doesnt hurt at all,, my 3 lobe piercings hurt more haa,, and I’ve been sleeing on it

Answer #7

I have two pericing up top on the same ear and I thought that my bottom holes hurt way worst. It doesn’t hurt at all…but your taking advice from a girl that periced her belly button by her self with a straight needle…NOW THAT DID HURT…but just a little…you have nothing to worry about it don’t hurt bad…I would give it like a 3…

Answer #8

I got the top of my ear pierced 2 days ago, it was not as painfull as you think, but I was scared at first but then thort stuff it im going for it and I think it looks gr8, choose an earing you will be comfy wearing for 6 weeks I went for a big diamond becos I didnt want 2 have just a small stud in for 6 weeks. but its up too you, and I would recommend you to get it done on the side you dont sleep on I forgot to lol

Answer #9

It Will Hurt A Bit More Then Your Thurd Ears Peirsed x

Answer #10

im 13 now. I don’t really know how to explain it, but its probably like a 3 the only part that really hurts is after because it aches for about 3 hours, but it dies down after 30 minutes. and doesn’t really bother you anymore but its still kinda there. if you had your ears peirced three times on the bottom then its no worse then that believe me I’ve had my done 4 times on the bottom! I’ve had mine done 3 times, 1 on my right and 2 on my left, and these were all done with a gun lol , and I was only 10 years old!! and I have a medium pain tolerance I guess? so no! go for it it doesn’t hurt really at all, nothing you won’t be able to handle, lol good luck!

Answer #11

1 its about 5 seconds long just feels like a little pinch. if Anything it will throb a little h=when its over but I garuntee it fdoesnt hurt a bit. (When done with the piercing gun.)

Answer #12

Well, I have three cartilege piercings (I had my tragus too but you’re probably not talking about that kind of cartilege), and I can say that the one that hurt the most was my inner helix, second most was the one on my lower cartilege, and the least painful was the one highest up on my ear.

Answer #13

I think it hurts. I had mine done by a body piercer who used a needle and pushed it through but you could have it done by someone who uses a piercing gun and it might not hurt as bad. But the pain is just temporary, it’s definetely tolerable. What really hurts is the months after. I couldn’t sleep on that side or put a phone up to that ear. I still have mine going on 5 years now!!

Answer #14

I had mine done when I was 9, and it didn;t hurt at all, I say about a 3 or 4, but it really depends on where on the cartliage you get it, I have 2 cartliage piercings (one on each ear) and they didn’t hurt much, it stings 4 about 30seconds adter, but then the pain is gone and you forget its there. Mine got infected and thats what hurt, but now I’m 12 and I still have them in…The little bit of pain is so worth it :)

Answer #15

nopee it dont hurt I had mine donee with a gunn !! butt after it hurt for a little while when I touched it and if I tugged itt I have myn done for 9 weeks then changed the earing over !! but noww I hateee the percing its ugly so I have taken it outt because it leaves a horendouss hole in yourr earr PLEASEE DONT GET IT DONE I REGRET ITT SOOO MUCHH !! x

Answer #16

I’ve had the top of my ear, and my nose done, if I had to compare them, the initial pain.. when the needle first went in etc.. my nose did hurt more but afterwords, it was definatly the ear, it made my ear/head hurt quite a lot. if you get it done, I got told, not to clean it all the time, as it will interfere with it,, to just let it do what it wants, and if it bleeds or gets crusty, get a small bit of salt in warm water and just put your ear in it… dont play with it neither. it will hurt for about 5 days. initial pain - I say I was about a 5/6 on the scale. haha. hope this helped :)

Answer #17

Hello?umm I need help about piered ears please look at differnt questions you should see one that says something about pierced ears and it says help me on the question.My nickname is tThe KidneyMuncher…Please click on questions at the top of the screen…I need advice?

Answer #18

Hello!I am 13.I have my ear pierced once,but I want to get my ear pierced once again at the bottem and one at the top.I don’t want any hoops just lil studs.But I am scared to get the top of my ear done.I think it might hurt? Does it? Please help me? If you don’t have your ears pierced,please try to give me some advice? Thank you very very very very much!

Answer #19

I realy wanna get my done,but I can’t decide GUN or NEEDLE???

Answer #20

3 it hurts more getting your lobe pierced

Answer #21

I peirced my own with just an earring and at first your like omg that hurt but then its like okay its stopped, it throbs a lil after like and leaning on it is bad for a week but after that its absolutely fine- I can take mine in and out without it hurting a bit (1 month on or so)

Answer #22

You mean the cartilage? Hehe, I have 16 altogether. And it’s like a pinch that’s all…Hurts for a while and then the pain is gone..So, no rating…no pain..nothing.

Want other people’s opinion?

Answer #23

I doubt it will hurt that much I’ve been told the pains bareable, like all your other lower ear piercings but its a problem at night hwne your sleeping lol but im sure it’ll be worht it afterwards!! I can’t wait to get mine done (: x

Answer #24

Ok I have 2 peircings at the top on the same ear and the 3 at the bottom on each ear… I had them done with a needle (Both of them) I would have to say something went wrong with the 1st one because it felt like my heart was in my ear :( buh the 2nd one wasnt 2 bad… I would say overall around a 5-6 :) I think you should just go for it if you havent already because its a small price to pay for the outcome :D… It looks really nice… Also yer I heard a popping sound when it went through the catillidge… it was kl buh that hurt :S buh yer Go for it hunn its well worth it!!! xx

Answer #25

I got mine done 2 days ago and I love. I think you should just do it and you will like it. The guy who did mine used a piercing gun so it was just a loud click then it felt very hot and a bit sore but it didnt hurt as much as my 2nd ones on the lobe! I’d say 3 on the pain scale with a piercing gun. Go for it!

Answer #26

yess I am a boy I had mine done 9 days ago im not an emo it was a dare, no it dosent really hurt I had mine done with a gun my mum is a beautician and she knows what she is doing I would say a 4 on the scale just dont layon it and don’t dry it hard

Answer #27

Are you talking about the cartilage? I did that when I was 12 with a sterilized safety pin, and it didn’t even hurt that bad. I’d say 3 or 4 on the scale. It makes this cool popping noise when you do it, too! Lmao.

Answer #28

Ummm … im 11 years old I have a obssetion with earrings and getting them pierced and I want to get mine done on the top I have like 2 on the bottom on each ear and it did not hurt it stung tho but im getting mine done on monday at the mall of america! I REALLY WANT TO GET MINE DONE but I dont think it will hurt that much what I recamond is like doing it with a gun because it hurts less then getting it with a needle I should I got mine ear lobes with a needle and it hurts so I say GO FOR IT imm going for it c[=

Answer #29

well hello my name is breianna (bre bre) anyways my birthday is november 19 I will be 13 and I was wanting to get the middle like half way up to the top of my ears done and im worried it will hurt if any of you guys have adive email me at

Answer #30

It all just depends on your pain tolerance, and if they hit a nerve on accident or not. Honestly, it does hurt because it’s cartilage and it’s tougher skin. The higher you go on your ear the more it’s going to hurt. I got my cartilage done a few months ago and it still hurts because how tough that skin is up there. Good luck if you get it done!! :)

Answer #31

it doesnt really hurt I would say 5 out of 10 lol I had mine done with a gun
its worth it thou because it looks nice

soo dont worry its less sore than the 1st one

Answer #32

I just got mine done a few weeks ago, and beforehand, I’d been searching all over the internet, and I found people saying yes, and no. Personally, when I got mine done, it didn’t hurt one bit at first. I just heard a pop, and was relieved to hear it was over. It stung slightly afterwards, but it’s worth it. Just make sure to take aftercare seriously, otherwise it could get infected. Also, don’t touch the bar/ring or twist it, and don’t take it out for at least 3 weeks, as the bar/ring is creating a flesh tunnel, otherwise the site can become very tender. Hope this helped :D

Answer #33

I doesnt hurt that bad 3or 4 out if ten it worth it thou :D

I got mine done with a gun thou lol its was just a bit sorer than the 1st and 2 one :D dont worry

Answer #34

2 maybe 3 I had it done and it does not hurt at all don’t listen to all the people saying it will hurt it is just like a 3 second thing now if your a girl which I think you are by your name KEEPP YOUR HAIR OFF OF IT!!! if it gets infected like mine did it will hurt SSSOOO bad to get it took out which you do at homer like any other earing well hair got rapt around mine and when I pulld the earring out hair and blood was on it but if you take good care of it every thing will be fine ALSO if you want to ear your hair down to school/work/out (depending on your age) when you get home put it up and peroxide it also it hurts to sleep on it for a little while once its peirced

Answer #35

Hello, I dont think it will be too bad. Next Saturday im either going to get my lobe pierced for the second time or the top of my ear. Im not sure yet

Answer #36

Its going to hurt if you keep bothering it at times you just put it on sumin soft but, yu dont gotta be scared!!!

Answer #37

At first it didnt hurt. But, like 3 hours later it started to get really, really sore and irritated. Its nothing like the first hole… It definitely takes a lot more special care for this one. But, after awhile it heals and doesnt hurt as bad. :)

Answer #38

i got it done today, didn’t hurt a bit. it felt like getting a lobe piercing but afterwards it felt really warm, and later on in the evening it felt very bruised and irritated, but that’s natural with any piercing. the after pain is worth it, cause its a lovely piercing. (: i got mine done with a gun, and no, i don’t believe that it’s bad to get it with a gun, as long as you take good care of your piercing afterwards you should be ok. hope this helps (:

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