does guile pull out gun??

does guile really pull out a gun on street fighter 2??…if you like do a certain move or something? and same goes for e honda…does he really jump in the pool thingy?

Answer #1

No they don’t. The only thing Guile pulls out is a comb at the end of a fight to straighten his hair. Honda just assumes the position, “Ooh soy!”

Answer #2

why dont you see the movie?

Answer #3

Yes he absolutely does. I was one of the top Arcade players in New England for certain fighting games. I played n Boston’s Chinatown and learned from the Chinese.

One day I saw my friend from the Arcade on TV testing games when I was channel surfing. When I saw him, I told him that I found out how he was so good at all games and new all of the secrets. He then started teaching me those secrets since I earned it by being very good at playing and since I was at the Arcade everyday.

He showed me how to do Guile’s Handcuffs at the same time as showing me how to do Guile’s Gun. I only did the Handcuffs 2 or 3 times but I never could do the Gun. He was able to do the Handcuffs a few times when he was teaching it to me but even he couldn’t do the Gun.

One day while at the Boy’s and Girls Club during the time when everyone went up stairs to play Basketball, I was left alone with no one to play against and no money to play with. I just stared at the computer playing itself while being bored.

All of the sudden Guile killed Blanka by doing his backhand normal move at long range. The best part is that the screen froze to display the high scores so I got a chance to see how Guile killed Blanka in two hits from 100% health.

Frozen in the air were 2 missed (yellow) bullets. They missed because the other 2 or 3 hit Blanka and killed him making him fall under those that there frozen in the air by the high score screen. I don’t know if it matters but Guile was on his own stage fighting Blanka.

When I realized what I saw and had absolute evidence to prove, I rand franticly to find anyone of the first and second floor so that I could show them before the screen unfroze. The only person around was the desk lady but she was too far and won’t care anyway. I thought that I had finally found a way to get people to stop laughing at me about this but the evidence is gone.

I think that I’ll start to pursue proving this again and this post is the first step. I may have to contact Capcom or meet them at a Q&A or something. The point is, Guile has a gun and the inputs are similar to his Ultra #2 in SSF4 if not identical.

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