Does chewing gum help you lose weight?

Does chewing gum all day help you loose weight? Does skipping help you loose weight as well? and does skipping breakfast help?


Answer #1

yes, I am a beleiver in that and also a witness to this last year, I was at a convention in los angeles. well, you know when you have a booth there is hard for you too keep going in and out of your booth because you need to be there with your product. well, I was feeling a little hungry, so I decided to start chewing gum and it wasn’t just any gum it was called fit gum. the taste is unbelieveable it lasted the hold time like up to at least 3 to 4 hours I kid you not I forgot about the hungry that I had. it had just supress it. I had energy,I was atentive what…an delightful, wonderful way to lose weight. that day my regular weight was that morning 134.5. I continued to chew the gum three weeks later I was down to 126.5 I love it I chew it faithfuly and I also workout with it. no…it dosen’t make you have like fast heart beeting none of what sooo.. ever it just a diffent kind of new wave of a dietary supplement that containing green tea, synephrine and hoodia gordonii. fit gum has ingredients that supports the process of themogenesis, the process of elevating the body’s temperature in order to oxidize fat. and its sugar free. I am realy happy with my weight and just trying to let other people who would like to try it for yourself. because it work for me, its brand new in the market there is nothing like it its the new fat. p.s. no… I am not saying skip meals because we do need to eat at least 3 to 4 meals a day but only by portionsn, and breakfast is the nummber one meal of your day. however by chewing the fit gum it will help supports the process of thermogenesis, the process of elevating the body’s temperature in order to oxidize fat.

Answer #2

I think skiping brakfesst and chewing gum helps you loose weight cuase I went on a diet I would skip breakfest and dinner I would only chew gum all day and I lost 15lbs in 20 days

Answer #3

Apparently, a chewing gum is going to come onto the market which claims to have some slimming properties, but it’s not available yet.

Excess of anything ‘sugarfree’ (like most gums) can cause digestion problems, as funnbyoneslove says, but research indicates that this might be constipation or diarrhoea - no fun and not help loosing weight.

From my own experience, I do chew gum when I’m tempted to snack, and I think it gives my mouth something to do instead of eating. I’ve no idea about the research on that, though.

Skipping’s good aerobic exercise and quite fun.

Skipping breakfast is not a good start to the day - the smallest meal of the day is best left to the evening, because your body really doesn’t need much energy when you’re going to sleep soon. So a healthy breakfast, a good lunch and a light evening meal is supposed to be best way to meet your body’s needs but still keep your weight down.

Answer #4

if you are chewing fitgum, it will help support a healthy fat metabolism. its sugarfree deitary supplement. dieting just got easier,just like it says. fitgum is as innovative dietary supplement containing geen tea,synephrine and hoodia gordonii. as a part of a healthy diet and excercise program, fitgum contains ingredients that supports the process of themogenesis, the process of elevating the body’s temperture in order to oxidize fat.* I love it and I think that you guys might like it too. it brand new in the market. go to

Answer #5

I have looked this up and found that chewing sugar free gum burns 20 calores an hour…I guess it could help out but not a great huge amount.

Answer #6

Thanks :):)x

Answer #7

I chew a lot of gum and it does kinda help me lose weight because I substitute a piece of gum for a snack/meal etc. Also I read that excess consumption can lead to laxative effects…but I’m still unsure about whether laxatives work…don’t they just get rid of water, not food. Also if you chew too much gum before or instead of meals it tricks your stomach into thinking its eating so it needs to work, instead of working the food in your stomach (not really sure how to put it) but because there is no food there its wears down your stomach lining instead. Humph. This may be and old tale told by my teacher though to get us to stop chewing gum…but it sounds pretty true.

Answer #8

I think chewing gum just makes you feel like you are eating, chewing too much is bad for your stomach …

Answer #9

chewing gum doesn’t help you lose weight, but it can keep you occupie so you don’t eat. I’ve chewed a lot of gum and it’s never caused diareah or any kind of side-effects. yes, skipping helps you lose weight. skipping breakfast helps cause you’re having less calories. tjust make sure you don’t eat more later in the day due to skipping your breakfast.

Answer #10

no none of that crap works if you want to lose weight ( which I really think is unessesary) then start thinking about what you put in your body, not what you take out or take away from it eating the right foods helps you loose wight… and eating all meals during the day does too without food to fuel your body youll just get weaker, not skinnier

Answer #11

Fidgeters are less likely to be obese so I guess chewing gum could help, but definitely not significantly.

Skipping meals is unhealthy, just like stephanief987 and stellaapplemoor have said. It forces your body into starvation mode and makes you more likely to store energy as fat.

People who regularly skip breakfast are 4.5 times more likely to be overweight. So eat your wheaties.

xox Sika

Answer #12

I think skipping meals and replacing them with chewing gum doesn’t really help your daily eating if you can eat lots of fruit and veg and can do 1/2 an hour of exercise do not use chewing gum as a layby eat your fruit and veg and eat fatty foods moderatly and if you do not have any foods or fluids in your body you will simply become really ill so eat your meals and remember you can eat fatty foods but just moderatly

Answer #13

if your not going to eat at all.atleats eat some fruit for breakfast! and drink lotsa water.=]

Answer #14

skipping breakfast makes you gain more

Answer #15

Some say that chewing gum makes your stomach feel like food is going to enter therefore it makes you feel hungry and will make you want to eat. So I don’t see how it would help you lose weight. stephanief987 is completely right. Do no skip meals, it is unhealthy. Skipping is a good exercise and gets your heart rate going, it’s great because it moves the whole of your body rather then just your legs.

Answer #16

Chewing gum will not help you lose weight, and skipping meals is defiantly not good. Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day actually. You need to be eating 3 healthy meals a day and getting regular exercise. If you are serious about losing weight, go look up the food guide on the internet to find out exactly how much of what sorts of foods you should be eating per day.

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