Does bread contain egg or milk ?

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It depends on the type of bread.

You're best bet is to read the ingredients...some breads have egg and milk in them, but the majority of regular white breads don't

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Not only are you being very rude, you're also wrong

I'm a pastry chef - I've baked a lot of bread , and only a few kinds actually contain eggs or milk

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some bread does, some dosent...any particular kind??why does evry1 have to be so rude?

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not the normal ones

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No kidding everyone is rude, anyway, if you plan to purchase prepackaged bread from your locol grocery most likely the bread will contain whey( derived from milk ) and that should be most of your concernt. Typicaly breads from the bakery such as French bread, Italian, and Semolina bread wont contain any eggs or milk but your best bet is to ask anyway to be sure. I hope this helps, enjoy!

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