Does anyone recognice this flower/bush/tree/shrub?

The sample in the enclosed photo was taken from a large spreading bush/shrub approx 20 foot high and about 12 foot across.

It was recently covered with masses of small white flowers that have a mildly honey-sweet sort of perfume which are very attractive to bees.

This was on the southern part of Britain.

I would be grateful for any suggestions as I wish to purchase one to plant in my garden.

Many thanks


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I think it may be olive

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Ok, more info. It's not a viburnum at all... it's a Cotoneaster. Apparently there are over 70 species and they're not all ground covers, some reaching even 40 ft in height. Btw, for years I mispronounces the name, and as many do, I pronounced it Cotton-easter. It's actually pronounced "cuh-TONE-ee-aster.

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Thanks Pinkpearl. I only took it quickly this morning on my desk on a plain sheet of paper.

I think you are right with the Viburnum.

Checked out different types and I'm pretty sure it is the strapped leaf one (Viburnum Rhytidophyllum) that has a much weaker perfume than some of the other deciduous types.

I plan to pick one up over the next couple of days.


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I'd suggest its a type of viburnum... I can ask around to find out which one. Btw thats a nice photo of it. Reminds me of one of those oldfashioned botanical prints.

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Just checked on the web.

No, not gardenia. The flowers are much to small for gardenia and are sort of bunched together a bit like cherry blossom. (although its definately not cherry)


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Not jasmine, I know that one quite well. Could be gardenia.

I will check it out on the web.


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That kind of looks like Jasmine.

Or MAYBE Gardenia.
(gardenia smells great)


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