Does anyone know any good prank call sayings??

me and my friends like 2 prank call people so does anyone know any good sayings that we could use??

Answer #1

my sister’s friends pranked someone and said: “this is rock 94.5 and you have won two tickets to …” this one guys picked up the phone and said is this my son, and we actually talked to him by the way here’s agreat number to call 509-467-0272 ask for jennifer trust me just call like every 10 seconds do it oct.14 at like 5:30 but say your name is austin

Answer #2

Use a michael jackson sound board. Loads of things that he says and it’s SO funny. Here’s the link

Answer #3

I wouldn’t be prank calling people if I were you. Even if you block the number the police/phone company can still trace the number if they were called. Some people take prank calling very seriously. If you want to stay out of trouble think of something else to do that’s fun.

Answer #4

Do this. Call a friend: “Hey, what’s got tiny balls and hangs upside down?” “I don’t know” “A bat!… Now, what has huge balls and hangs up–?” (promptly hang up the phone)

you could also ask: “Hey, you like fitness?” “Yeah sure” “Then how bout fitness dick in your mouth!!!”

Hope I was a bigger help than these other sourpusses. It’s called FunAdvice people.

Answer #5

um, I like to just talk to people. or if you want, you can call someone and ask them for someone, then, when they say that you got the wrong number, just keep saying ‘what’. or be like “oh my gosh, you will not believe what happened to me the other day! so, I was in reams and this really hot guy came over to me and asked me for my number!!!” and then go on and on and on really dramatically and then when they say you got the wrong number, then you say that you are really really sorry and start crying because you got the wrong number:D haha

also, I like to make up some crazy story about something :D haha I dont really know any good prank lines except for: is your refridgerator running?? (sp?) :D

Answer #6

ok. call and say this:

“hi, this is butter bob off of highway 96 and I was just wondering if you would like to buy some butter?”

you have to talk all country and everytime they say no, just keep explaining how goood your butter is and and if they finally say yes (they would be really stupid to) then say:

“what about our bread, it tastes reeeally good with our butter!”

there is also one where you pretend that you are stuck inside a bathroom and you think they are the janitor. its fun to do it with a lot of friends so they cant make comments like “hurry up in there” and “ewww, what is that smell”. pretend you are old and hard of hearing.

another is you are a grandma or grandpa and you are loking for your cat roger, then when they are about to hang up you start to cry because you remember your cat died like 20 years ago. then call them again the next day. dont call them too many times, because if they figure it out they would probably be mad if you do it tooo many times.

Answer #7

just say your from the pretzel factory and go on about selling retarded poodles

or you could like tell them your looking for your soul mate and the ask them to meet at some imaginary location like the field of shimmering stars or somthing gay like that.

Answer #8

do a butter bob thing. oh yeah why are you prank calling them anyway?? its pretty stupid

Answer #9

once I did it with a random number and someone answered it was this lady and we asked her if she had been baptized and this other random stuff she said no and started crying me friend felt so bad we called her back and said we were just kidding so sorry she said I was ok im so glad she didnt call the popo

Answer #10

Ummm let me tell you something about prank calling… its not good, its pretty sad that you would do that to someone, its pointless, you can get caught you can get some serious charges,

it becomes addictive & its not funny,,

you do reap what you sow, so don’t do it, find something else to release your boredom, like watch a funny DVD, play a funny game… Good morning Judge is a crack up!!

rules of the game, 1 of you stands in front of room facing the wall & all of you are seated behind that person & each have a turn & changing your voices & saying Good Morning Judge & the person up front has to guess who it was, once guessed you stand in front & continue… it sounds babyish (but hilarious funny)& if you think I’m being childish then think again, cause prank calling is even more childish,

seriously though, what if the moment the person you call is being harassed is wasting their time on phone with you & someone in danger is calling them for emergency & they cant answer the phone cause they are occupied by you & in the mean time something has happened to that person… how would you feel if you are then reliable??

Answer #11

you guys should try this call a random person and say”hello this is pizza hut and you owe a bill of 10.98 and it needs to be paid tomorrow at 7:30 am and you need to be wearing an Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikkini when you arive please make the check out to pizza hut thank you!

Answer #12

to not get caught just *87 the noumber I think thats the thing that makes it restricted oh yea and sk8terchik911 I asked for someone when I was prank phone calling someone and they gave the phone to somebody it was wierd

Answer #13

like put on a fake asian accent and tell the person that their large order of cotton sswabs is in. Then go on to say you cannot ship them their cotton swabs until they have payment HAHA

Answer #14

haha! I like anianianiani574 ‘s! and I couldnt care less about some of the things that littlered7777 said. I mean helllooo im not an adult harassing kids or something. its not like im gonna get arrested! lol. FUNadvice…

Answer #15

call a random number and SAY hi is so and so and if they say no say this is the number my girlfriend/boyfriend gave me and start crying and they willl feeln bad and start trying to make you feel better

Answer #16

If you prank call pizza hut when they answer ask them “how big are your sausage?” Or you can call kentucky fried chicken an ask them “how big are their breast” I always get a good reaction from those

Answer #17

use mizfeagles one that was hilarious haha

Answer #18

ask them how many squirrels are in their yard!! :)

Answer #19

haha. you should like tlk in a really little kid voice and be like you:”are you my mommy?! person on the phone:” no “ you:”where my mommy at?” person on the phone:”I dont know?” you:”ok…my mommy sposed to give me my medicine but she forgot” person on the phone:”o well im sorry bout that” you:”I go crazy without my medicine, like I wont stop talking and I dont like to be alone “ person on the phone:”im sorry” you:”will you get my ball offf the roof for me” person on the phone:”no sorry” you:” but I want my ball!!!–O AHHH A SQUIRL! COME BACK SQUIRLY!!” person on the phone:”I have to go now” you:”no my mommy not home!!! and I want you to tlk to the squirl! let me go get him!” person on the phone:”no little boy! the squirl will hurt you” you:”nuh uh!!! squirlys love me!” mom comes in your friend:”honey!!! you need to take your meds” little girl/boy:”my mommy is coming outside!! she can see the squirl” person on phone:”ok then, ima go” little girl(you):”nooo! stay!!” person on phone:”but I have to go!” your friend:”honey!! what are you doing” little boy:”playing with squirl!” your friend:”dont play with that” squirl attacks mom, mom screams little boy/girl:”uh oh!! bye bye” hangs up

Answer #20

haha! you should say this: (In a very deep, husky voice)Hi, do you have an extensive variety of lipsticks? I was wondering if you have any caramel flavored lipsticks. See, I’m a big woman, and I like my man satisfied, so when we kiss I want him to go “unnngh”. Do you have any of those lipsticks?

Answer #21

hello this is shopers drugmart were calling people to see if they would like to get some free or low cost tampons we have small,regular or extra jumpbo wide tamopons??? then wait and see what they say if they say no they say ok if you dont get some of these tampons im going o rip off your face little missy then hang up and laugh your ass off wiht your friends ;p

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