Does anyone have great diet tips to lose weight fast but healthy?

Does anyone have great diet tips to lose weight fast but healthy?

Answer #1

do cardio exercise, yoga, pilates its great to burn fat and it will tone your body as well, drink 8-10 glasses of water. you should have a healthy balanced diet have more fibre and protein in your diet they keep you full and energized and you should have small meal every 3 hours and don’t eat before 3 hrs of going to bed. check this site for article on how to increase metabolism, soup the hunger satiated, fat burning foods, lazy way to lose weight, high protein diet and fibre and more fibre this should get you started and very easy to follow with great results

Answer #2

the best way to lose weight effectivly and healthy and what I mean by effective is

(loseing weight and maintaing the weight you want) is by sticking to things that

HAVENT BEEN PROCESSES at all! so your fruits and veggies, and when you do decide

to cook them like for example asparagus you can boil them with a little salt, I think

it has like 43 cals a cup which is really good, what you want to do it ad as little as

possible to the raw food, boil, or bake with a little olive oil, almost all veggies can

be cooked in this way, add a little spice and wahla! lots of water water water!!! you

bodys doesnt digest lettuce so its filling and it also helps push everything out lol. I

am a vegetarian the only thing I eat from an animal is fat free milk for my oatmeal in

the morning. you want to eat small meals that are high in nutrients and low in sugar

and fat, and they say working out for an hour a day will help you maintain weight

and an hour and a half will help you lose weight! I am 5’4 and I weigh 105 by eating

healthy portion control water and working out, also being active through out the

day. oh and eat things that are high in fiber, your body doesnt absorb fiber but it

fills you up and helps with regularity.

Answer #3

this is a topic I love to hear no anorexia or bulimia! (L)

try this:) only salads and fruits.. no junk food OBVIOUSLY no milk or POP!: NOO

  1. Take long walks.. when you go on them even on a hot day wear a sweater the more you sweat the more you lose(if you can run thats even better HAVE WATER ON YOU) and 3. DRINK LOTS and I mean LOTS of water like im talking about 10 water bottles a day if not at LEAST 4

its easy :) right! hope I helped

ALSO! random fact: a lot of the time you think your hungry.. your really actually thirsty.. so..WATER. :) But eat lots of salads and stuff

Answer #4

I write down every calorie and fat gram I eat per day. It makes me more aware of what I’m eating. I mean EVERY calorie. If I put ketchup on something, I add 15 calories to it. That and starting with 30 min. of exercise atleast 4 days a week, and once you can, add 5 minutes to your work out til you’re exercising for an hour.

Answer #5

I write down every calorie and fat gram I eat per day. It makes me more aware of what I’m eating. I mean EVERY calorie. If I put ketchup on something, I add 15 calories to it. That and starting with 30 min. of exercise atleast 4 days a week, and once you can, add 5 minutes to your work out til you’re exercising for an hour. I’ve lost up to 40lbs doing this. Of course, you can’t write down pizza and chips and wonder why you’re not losing weight. You have to want it mentally. It’s more mental to me.

Answer #6

tony ferguson or celebrity slim program along with a bit of excersise made me lose 3-4 kilos a week =) maybe you could try that?

Answer #7

yer, all the above/below (dependin where this comment is) works alot!!! heres some tips though: if ur hungry but uve just had loads of food or wateva and u think u’ll b a pig 2 eat any more, drink LOTS and i mean LOTS (!) of water as this will fill u up and b a! substitute for food. find a couple of hobbies! ever since i started playin instruments and writing songs, ive found that i dont eat much as before. find sumfin that will take ur mind off of food! swimming!!! it can b so fun 2 splash bout wiv ur mates but have a 5min session as well just so u get some exercise!!! dont drive as much! walk instead on some occasions!!! it burns less fuel (so its good for the enviroment!) and its cheaper!!! be happy!!! listen 2 happy music instead of ur usual heavy metal or emotional music (if u do listen 2 that to start with) as this will calm you, and help you see yourself in a better way!

Answer #8

in 4 days i lost 5 pounds … first do the cleanse only water and juice for 2 days and egg white a med egg whites has 17 cal so dieters heaven drink a diet soda before you eat and when u think your hungry ure really thirsty so drik 10nbottles of water a day.and take hoodia slow release tablets works like a charm clean your room or do 20 crunches a day and 10 pushups go on 3 walks around you aberhood a day and nooo sweets.

heres what d tell you to do day 1 and 2cleanse only water and juice always have a water bottle in ure hand. for breakfast one egg white lunch a diet soda before you eat a rice cake and dinner egg white drink one waterbefore bed

day 3 4 5 lowfat yougrt drop ur cals to 500 to 800 a day u have to drink water continue lunch with juiced carrots and dinner egg white day 6 weigh urself and relax eat one thing u love for lunch and follow it w water eat one whole hard boiled egg whole for dinner and for a snck on this day eat strawberries ten repeat one more week

Answer #9

You have to have smaller meal portions (you should only have a piece of protein (meat) as big & thick as your palm per meal) and eat every 3 or so hrs. you should have 5 or 6 small HEALTHY meals per day. Make sure you have breakfast to kick start your metabolism so if burns all day. You need to exercise at least 30 min every day. Make sure you drink AT LEAST 2 LITERS of WATER per day, it really makes a difference and it will clear up your skin to.

A good way to make yourself feel good is to measure yourself like your legs tummy arms etc and keep a log book of each measurement, you might no loose a lot on the scales but your mostly likely to put on muscle which weighs more than fat which gives you the impression that you aren’t loosing much weight, but if you see that your loosing cm’s it’ll you’ll feel much better about yourself and you’ll stick with your diet plan.

Answer #10

The best way to lose weight in a fast & healthy way is to start with getting an idea about two things:

  1. What condition you’re in today
  2. What condition would you like to be in as a result of the weight loss?

After you’ve answered those questions, you need to develop a plan of action. Start by assessing any potential health risks & talk to a doctor before embarking on your quest to lose weight - and then eat right (food pyramid, etc, etc) and consume the appropriate amount of calories.

Exercise, etc - and before you know it, you’ll have lost weight. It’s healthy to lose up to a pound a day (or maybe 2?) using this method. There are no “quick fixes” but sound nutrition & exercise is the best long term strategy for weight loss.

I’d also recommend a site like as they are an excellent resource for losing weight.

Answer #11

become a vegetarian or vegan its a known fact that its healthyer…but look into it first..find out what you need to a vegetarian…and its not as bad as ppl make it sound…

Answer #12

I keep telling people that deits are bad for you no matter what they are. Just dont eat till your stomach hurts but eat till you are satisfied. Dont eat as much junk food and drinks lots of water everyday and keep active as you possibley can.

Answer #13

my mom was trying to loose weight and ok products dont work and so her and a friend joined WEIGHT WATCHERS and shes lost a little more than 40 LBS because you eat what you want like when she joined she had my dad and I on it and I havent been really trying because im pretty thin but when she started over the summer I lost 10 lbs and m mom like either looses 1 -2 lbs a week it really works. hoped it helped

Answer #14

The how to comes when you re-educating yourself! As with most things marketing has and is playing a big part in your everyday decisions. Really, if you knew how and why your supermarket foods are keeping you fat and draining your energies it would change your life forever and for the better.

Answer #15

10 - Weight loss tips that are fun and easy, and life changing!

Exercise! Motion is the magic potion. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to exercise properly and effectively. Get active you will enjoy life on a much higher level.

3 of the best over all exercises are: Walking - We are made to walk Running - An enhanced version of walking, most people try to run to fast and don’t enjoy it. Slow down jog enjoy the motion and the moment. Yoga - Strengthens and Stretches your muscles

These exercises are inexpensive and requires very little equipment. These will increase your breathing and heart rate everything is flowing and moving. Motion is the magic potion.

Watch for the sugary drink You just have to look at the labels to know that when you drink a soda or even most fruit juices you are putting on the fat. Sugar will turn to fat. Really educate yourself about this. When did we as consumers see soda as a drink? If you think about it was right around the time that most of America started to become a nation of obesity. This was also brought on by the media high paid advertisers re programming you so that you would buy more of there clients products.

Watch for Portion Size This is very important. Most of us have been programmed to see a meal as an event a much larger event then we need or want. Re educate yourself on what is ideal or required to fuel yourself. Don’t go by what you have been taught by the media or the portions the restaurants serve you.

Do not Skip Meals This is essential as well. Keeping your blood sugar levels from spiking up and dropping will allow you body not to store energy in the form of fat. Small amount of healthy foods spread through out the day. This is one of the many tricks that body builders use and have used for years to drop weight and be as lean as they possible can be before a competition. Studies have also shown this to be on of the most effective methods of achieving and maintaining your ideal health weight.

Go for wholesome fresh foods We have all been programmed by the media to buy products that aren’t a real food anymore after they have been processed and packaged. Wholesome foods are generally not processed fresh as in fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and whole grains. Here are 5 examples of wholesome foods:

  1. Greens
  2. Berries
  3. Soy
  4. Salmon
  5. Whole Grains

Don’t be overly-restrictive Treat yourself as rewards just do it in smaller portions and wiser choices. Find a healthier substitute or replacement for you favorite treats. Slowly and steadily replace your treats with healthier live energy choices.

Understand Food Claims and Labels A great question to ask you is why do companies need to have food labels in the first place. One of the most obvious reasons is to allow people with allergies or food restrictions to avoid potentially dangerous foods for them. However isn’t it also so that they can be held accountable for a good quality product? Learn about these labels and understand them.

Keep a food journal This will give you a great visual and list of items to work on. Many people are surprised by the food and the amounts they consumed. Log everything down foods times and amounts. Review this after a week; invest some time into it you will really have an understanding of where you can improve.

Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day You will fill fuller and have more energy by doing this. Make it a priority to do these and you will find that the unhealthy foods do not have any room in you diet. There are 2 types of energies that you get from foods live energy and dead energy. The live energy comes from food and sources that are alive fruits, vegetables and grains. Dead energy comes from source that are processed and packaged. Better fuel = more fun and excitement.

Find out how many calories you need When you do this you will also gain an understanding of what your activity level is and how much is really needed to fuel it.

I really hope that this has assisted you in a way that encourages you to re-educate yourself and take charge of you physical being. Many positive things happen from traveling this road. It can be a fun exciting and empowering journey. Once you are on you way to a re-educated and empowered life it will show in the rest of you life. Your inner and outer beauty naturally shines, your creativity flows and your productivity excels

Answer #16

The healthiest diet is probably low fat vegan. Look up some books by Dr. John McDougall. I don’t eat 100% vegan (pretty hard to do unless you prepare all your own food) but the closer I come to this ideal the better I feel and the easier my extra weight comes off.

Answer #17

is there a protein shake and diet, doesn’t cost a lot of money, for someone who needs to lose at lease 100 pounds, safe as possible but to do it quickly. No speciality foods to buy either.

Answer #18

I think water and vinager pills (all natural no side affects)works the best on me

Answer #19

This works for me when ever I want to drop 15 to 20 lb’s. First you need to exercise 3 times a week for 20 min. You can have 4 bowls of cereal a day. You can have all the Vegetables, Water & Diet Soda you need to keep yourself full. But the more Soda you drink the more you keep your stomach from shrinking. The more fiber the cereal has and the less fat the milk has the more successful your diet will be.

Answer #20

I am going to try this new system. I am waiting to recieve my order right now. It is available to USA and Canada starting June 2008. They have clinical studies that claim to help your fat loss and muscle building hormones get back to normal.

21.5 lbs. of Body Fat in 8 weeks! 3.96 inches off their waist 3.28 inches off their hips 1.20 inches off each thigh 90% More Effective than diet and exercise alone!

you can find them at maxweightlossprogram dot com

Answer #21

Walk and drink water, works like a charm, not that hard.

Answer #22


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