Does anyone have bffs, b/gfs, or family who are on drugs?


Answer #1

my dad. its so horrible cause I dont want to tell anyone abot it cause he still lives with me and I just found out and I dont want people to not come over my house or be all weird about it. it rele sucks ik what you guys mean=[[[!

Answer #2

my dad and a whole lot more of my family. it reallyy suxx. after seeing what drugz do to you; I promised myself to never get caught up in any of that.

Answer #3

my dad’s been on drugs since I can remember, bad. my parents were divorced when I was young so I wouldn’t be around that, and my mom couldn’t take it anymore. I never see him, and he has nothing to do with me. I used to be mad at him, and now im extremely concerned for his health, and feel sorry for him.. if you need to talk- funmail me.

Answer #4

My cousin does drugs and so does my boyfriend. its sad:( I know what yal are going thro

Answer #5

a few of my friends do drugs

Answer #6

I know a lot of people that do drungs

Answer #7

yea my auntyyy

Answer #8

my step father takes drugs but my moms still witg him because shes a drug consurler and now my step dad has bin clean for 2 mounths now but its not a positve thing hes bin on drugs since he was a kid and he stoped and then started again so hes on and off and my mom lets us be around him when hes high b/c then when hes not high we confront him and he gets enberssed but I no lots of people who are on drugs and who stoped drugs alote of my fam were but they stoped

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