What if my crush does drugs and my family wouldn't approve?

I really like this guy who does drugs. he’s the nicest guy I ever met (I was really shocked when I found out.) I really dont bother me that much but I dont think my family would approve of him though because he does drugs. anyway he likes me too. im 14 and he’s 17. we are really good friends, we talk everyday and we are always laughing and having fun. I really think that he’s going to ask me out soon! what should I say?!

Answer #1

omfg. I faced the same problem. ha. and thnx for the help on the last thing I posted.. but if he does drugs try talking him out of it. tell him to chose between you and the drug. I know this is hard to do but I did it and believe it or not it worked. were not together anymore but we are so close. I look at him like a brother. :)

Answer #2

Dear laughymaffy246, You haven’t started dating him yet…so don’t. There are many guys you will meet in your lifetime and you need to listen to your gut instincts. You are right…your parents would not approve of him doing drugs and they shouldn’t. You don’t really approve either or you wouldn’t be concerned. Drugs change a persons character…who they are, drugs cause birth defects if you should get pregnant, drugs get people busted, drugs cause psychological problems. Why would you want to date someone who isn’t really what you want in a person? Sue…good luck

Answer #3

Life is about choices and I’m a firm believer in living by the choices you make and taking responsibility for your choices. If you knowingly got involved w/someone doing drugs - I guess the question you really have to ask yourself is what got you there in the first place? My guess is if you actually have to ask then you already know that this is something you don’t want to be involved in. Everyone has to look in their own mirror - my advice to you is make the choice to like the person looking back at you.

Early drugs users turn into middle-aged losers.

In a lot of things you are guilty of the crime by the company you keep. If a person was arrested using drugs and you who were there even though you didnt use any, you too will most likely be arrested along with that person.

Remember, there will be 3 of you in the relationship that you have to deal with! Its very hard, and stressful on a relationship. If you are with someone that uses, the relationship ALWAYS changes… and almost always for the bad. It just isn’t worth it.

Answer #4

if he treats you well and you want to be with him try not to let anyone else tell you what to do and be happy with him.

Answer #5

Whoever gave the people who said ‘don’t date him’ a non-helpful thought is kind of rude. We know what we are talking about, and all of us gave good reasons to back up our answer.

Answer #6

Don’t date him. Your parents would be smart for not approving, why would they approve. Drugs say a lot about a person, don’t go down that path. Wait for someone to come along that doesn’t do that sort of thing and your family will respect you for it.

Answer #7

I think you deserve better then that.what you think could happen in the long run in the fueter.he could get adictive and start fighting a lot when he dont get what he wants.I think you should lisin to your parents they no best four there daghter.dont mack that stooped misstack.

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