what should i do the doctor said i shouldnt play football anymore should i listen or not?

Answer #1

Yea You Should because docs say what is best for you…. you could be playing football and you muscles pop.

Answer #2

no my knee is messed up any im a wide receiver so i run. but i can still run fine i dont feel any pain at all.

Answer #3

YOur doctor isn’t going to tell you you shouldn’t play football anymore unless you need to stop playing. Dont push your luck with it not hurting cause you could end up causing a LOT of damage.

Answer #4

If your doctor says that you should not participate in a particular physical activity, I believe that the doctor made that judgment based off of medical facts. Not because he wanted you to miss out on the game. Considering doctors know the human body and what is and isn’t good for it, I’d say that you should listen to your doctor.

Perhaps you do not feel any pain right now, but if you do keep playing the game, I’m assuming that there is a high chance you could further damage your knee. Your doctor would not say to stop if there wouldn’t be some sort of a bad outcome that could come from putting strain it or being all rough.

Answer #5

all i gotta say is… i messed up my knee playin basketball [its out of alignment] i bought a knee brace and kept playin. i dnt listen when doc tells me wat to do. unless its sumthin i wanna do. like skip school when i broke my ankle… oh n after i broke my ankle i gave it a week till i tried playin basketball again…. so i dont listen. but take ur own risks :)

Answer #6

agreed! totally…if anything keep off your knee & try to get some rest!

Answer #7

I would listen because I run track and I sprained my ankle during season this year and my doctor told me not to run and I still did. I also didn’t tell my coach I was hurt. Its been 8 months since I injured my ankle and I still get really bad pain in it whenever I run or do cheerleading. I even bought a brace but I bought it 2 months after I hurt myself so I was a little late…. But I would stop so that you don’t perminately injure yourself.

Answer #8

You may not feel the pain, but over it time the pressure may get worse. You’ll feel it when you fet older. Listen to your doctor, You wouldn’t wanna suffer when your older..

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