Do you think races should mix?

Do you think races should mix.? I’m not a racist but I believe that each race should stay w/their own. There is a child who lives next door to me who has a black father and a white mother. I feel so sorry for him. He doesn’t know if he should claim his father’s race or his mother’s race. He visits w/me a lot and I can see his pain.

Answer #1

No I don’t think races should mix. Wait I take it back, I don’t think races should mix with white people. Most white people are evil racist and malicious. Honestly this is a bias answer because I don’t really care to much for white people. I don’t dislike all white people, but I dislike what they have done and what they stand for today. I feel if you don’t know who you are,(from a race and heritage standpoint) then mixing with white people will leave you more lost. White people originated from caves. Their hyrogliphics were homosexual and bestiality pictures. This helps us understand the nature of white people and why they are so racist and hateful and confused and arrogant. Now before you make me out to be a complete racist, im going to say that not all white people are this way. Most of them are, but not all. I say most because history shows that the evils they’ve done, outweigh the good. Native americans are almost extinct. White jews, millions were killed. African jews, millions were killed. Slavery, million were kidnapped. Slavery, millions died. Slavery, millions had to work for hundreds of years against their own will. Slavery, black babies (some infants) were used as alligator bait. They used black babies to catch alligators. After slavery, thousands were lynched. After slavery, crack was created and implemented into the ghettos. After slavery, police officers shoot our people and no justice is hardly ever seen. After slavery, we are taught that we have no history, therefore we are brainwashed and don’t know who we are and who we were therefore we can’t move forward because we have no knowledge of where we came from(to a certain extent). So in result, this made the modern day African. So no I don’t believe no one should mate with a race full of evil deeds like the white one. Unless the white person isn’t evil, but that’s a one in a million chance.

Answer #2

Well I am an African American woman married to a Brazilian man. He has very white pale skin, but his features are more latino like. He considers himself Latino or white. He says in his culture it doesn’t matter if you have Latin or Cauacsion parents, if your skin is dark, then you are black and if it is light then you are white. I don’t know if this is true or not, but if it is, then it is so damb confusing. I guess I have to ask myself how can I call myself African American when on my fathers side his great great grandfather was Caucasion and on my mothers side her great grandmother was Indian. So really we all are just one big melting of many colors. Why is there races. We are just colors. I think it should change from the races to colors or just to people. This stupid racist thing really needs to stop. Also if I am considered African American then why aren’t Caucasions considered African Caucasions. I mean studies found that everyone came from Africa right. So aren’t we all African anyway? But better yet we are all just HUMAN.

Answer #3

Okay did you know that white, black, asian, indian, hispanic is all made up by people. There is really not a difference of races. We all come from the same race and researchers are discovering this. As much of a shock that it may come to you being white, it is found to be true. I mean think about how both white and black people get darker in the sunlight. It is all in our Melanine. You really should reseach this. Everyone was once a brown or dark race, but due to migration their skin got either lighter or darker. So no actually white skin was not the first skin. Since studies have found that we all came from Africa, when the dark people left their skin got lighter to adjust to the environment. I mean think when you go in the sun you get dark. That is your true color not the white color. Here are some websites that you can find this on. Trust in a mattor of years (hopefully not even that long) everyone will find out these studies and this whole racism thing will end. We all came from the same color. The question that worries these finders on how people will accept this. It is a sad thing to think people non black or non brown in coloring would be pissed, but for many it will be the case. Being indenial is never a good thing for you can’t get passed anything that way.

Answer #4

Obviously, the person who asked this question, as well as anybody who’s against interracial marriage is quite ignorant. Race is socially constructed! There is no clear cut definition of what defines one race from another. What is really white and what is really black? People have been mixing for thousands of years. Therefore, no one is really pure anything. For example, the Moors, from Africa touched all throughout Europe and believe it or not, most of us “white folks” probably have black in our ancestry somewhere. Another thing to think about is that the definition of race changes from culture to culture. I’m going to use Halle Barry as an example for this. Many people in this country would consider her black because we tend to live by the one drop rule. In reality she is biracial. If she can claim black why shouldn’t she be able to claim white? The answer to this lies in the idea that in the U.S, whiteness is defined as not being mixed. However, in other countries, like Brazil or Dominican Republic, they construct race differently. They do not define race so absolutely. She could be morena or even perhaps white.

The bottom line is that I do believe races should be able to mix because in reality, we’re all already mixed up. Why stop a tradition that has been in existence this long?

Answer #5

A Person Is A Person. Skin Color Shouldn’t Mean Anything ;; They Are People Too! I Dont Understand How Some White people Can Look At Other people Like They Are Animals Because There Skin Color Is Darker. They Live, Breath, Eat And Drink Just Like Everybody Else! Human Beings Is What They Are Just Like Everybody Else!! I Believe In Mixed Race Relationships…If You Love That Person It Shouldn’t Matter! You See Past There Skin Color, There Language Or Whatever It May Be And You Just Fall In Love!!

I mean I’m Mexican & Italian And Damn Proud…I’m Abit Light but Thats Alright and Then My Boyfriend Is 100% Mexican and 229878 Times Darker then me But Hes A Person And Hes Beautiful To Me =]

Answer #6

I believe that we should have an all-out, procreative elimination of all of the races,

and if there’s any woman who would like to help me in this…
then let’s hurry up and get mixin’ ;)

Answer #7

Absolutely! I think that people of mixed cultures are just beautiful. And I love how people could tell you.. oh, I’m half Italian and half Chinese. Or simply half black half white. Mixing races just enhances the worlds cultural gene pool, while making it a more colorful and diverse place to live in. And its truly beautiful =]

Answer #8

I had a best friend..he was my first guy friend…we grew up together. He moved several years ago..I’ve seen him a few times over the years. He’s mixed race and one of the most beautiful people I have ever laid eyes on. I’ve known him for over 15 years and I have always been captivated …literally had my breath taken by him. He always just claimed his father’s race…it was dominant…

Answer #9

Um…I have been with guys that are mixed, or just someone who is opisite race then I am…Allot of people I know that are mixed are handsome/ or beautiful, and don’t feel like they have to have a particular face…I think mixing races if 100% normal.

Answer #10

im white and my boyfriend is black and he’s great we get long really well I dont care what people think my family dont like it but theres nothin they can do about it :)

Answer #11

My gym teacher is black, and he has a white wife. Personally, I think they belong with each other! I totally think that blacks and whites should mix!

Answer #12

I am brasilian irish and cape verdean I think love has no race orientation or social standing. this question disgusts me

white latina black I could be catagorized as all three im sick of labels. im a human. thats my race.

if you look at me I have tan skin green eyes and curly hair. I dont need a category and I do not feel badly about having many backgrounds.

Answer #13

If there’s love there…that’s all that really matters.People are going to have to get used to seeing mixed couples.It’s a trend that has been around for a long time,and it’s here to stay.

Answer #14

You sound like a good friend to be concerned about your neighbors emotional well being. Like the other advice given, there is nothing wrong with having mixed heritage. Everyone has mixed heritage. I would just let him know that there is nothing wrong with him,and that he should not have to decide on which heritage to claim, they are both his.

He shouldn’t worry so much about it. He can’t change his heritage any more than the color of his skin. I think people should be more concerned with the people they want to become than what they look like on the outside.

Answer #15

That is SO RIDICULOUS!!! Of course they should mix! Why shouldn’t they? Where do you live? I live in Los Angeles and let me tell you about 99% of the people here are of mixed ethnicities. I’m half Brazilian, and half white. Am I ashamed? NO!!! I like who I am. You say you’re not racist but you indeed ARE. Stop being so closed-minded.

Answer #16

I see no problem with inter racial marriage. . . it seems perfectly exceptable to me. . . . Several of my friends are of mixed race and they are beautiful people. . .

Answer #17

Would you feel sorry for the kid if one parent was of Italian decent and the other French?? I personally don’t have a problem with inter-racial dating and feel a person should be able to date and marry who ever they choose to. The problem isn’t the couples or their children, its society along with closed minded old school thoughts.

Answer #18

have you ever heard the saying “love is color blind”? that boy shouldnt have to “claim” a race. im dutch french and 1/8 japanese and i have never had to stick to one race. you say people should not mix because of their skin color. that sounds pretty racist to me. but to answer your question, i think people can be with whoever they want skin color shouldnt be a factor.

Answer #19

If everyone comes from the same race meaning people. Then how did we wind up with such diverse differences in the way people look and act all over the world. I wonder if maybe God meant for there to be a separation and created us different so we could stay separated?

Answer #20

I’m white and asian. Who gives a damn?! Nothing’s wrong with being a mixed race. From the question you posted above, clearly it implys racism. You should look at a person’s inner soul rather than their skin.

Answer #21

i say why does it matter? i mean, we are ALL humans, arent we? im white, im part idian, part german, part french, part english, part spanish, part japenese, part canadain, and about 2 other things.. am i amshamed of myself? NO. and u shouldnt be ashamed of other people either… but, thats not my say, so u cna believe whatever u want, i am just merely stating my opinion..

Answer #22

I thinkk mix shOould be mixed cause new cultures are created just like

im dutch and surinamese .

[ I bet nobody knoe w\s what im talkinq bout ]

bhut it I think its a good think for races to mix . :]

Answer #23

We are all human beings and love doesn’t see color. Besides, aren’t we all mixed?

Answer #24

Tiger Wood’s mom is Asian and his dad black. He always refused to allow himself to be categorized as one or the other because to do either denies part of his heritage.

In my book having mixed heritage isn’t a defiicit but an advantage; each of us is a rich tapestry.

In America the predominant view is there is white and non-white. A child with black and white parents is considered black because they aren’t fully white. Lena Horne and Halle Barry are both mixed heritage and have light complexions but both are considered black (though I welcome the obsolescence of the highly insulting category mulatto).

There is one race, the human race. Differences in skin color are no more important than differences in eye or hair color. Only our own prejudice blinds us to this.

Answer #25

No. I don’t think they should.

Answer #26

I think everybody forgets, that you are not just WHITE OR JUST BLACK! I am considered white but in REALITY, IM 6 DIFFERENT NATIONALITIES! IM SICILIAN, POLISH, CZECHLOSLOVAKIAN, SCOTTISH, IRISH AND GERMAN NOBODY IS JUST WHITE!! Same for black people, thyey arent JUST BLACK! So its kind of foolish for soemone to feel ashamed of being mixed or someone against being mixed BECAUSE ALMOST EVERYBODY IS ALREADY MIXED BUT THEY DONT REALIZE IT!!!Unless your straight Irish, Italian, etc, YOUR MIXED! SO think again next time you think that mixing races is wrong, BECAUSE BELIEVE IT OR NOT YOU ARE A PRODUCT OF MIXED RACES!

Answer #27

if you ever got with a black man you’d change your mind real quick!!! lmao!!!

Answer #28

what does it matter what race you are were all people and no one should be judged on skin color

Answer #29

Race doesn’t matter only love does.

Answer #30

im sorry, but this question is so retarded… where the he*l do you live? under a rock? racist…

Answer #31

well I agree, they shouldnt mix.

Answer #32

Halle Barry is considered Black!!!

Answer #33


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