Do you point out spelling mistakes that people make?

Don’t you just hate it when somebody trys 2 correct you on a spelling or something and then act all smug about it? I don’t mind somebody telling me if I made a mistake but when they make you fell stupid it dose my head in does anybody get that same feeling? I mean not all of us can get 100 out of 100 on a spelling test! Sometimes I just can’t be botherd to spell the whole word.

If you do point out spelling mistakes or anything do you point them out to make them fell stupid or to help them incase they hadn’t relised or just didn’t know how 2 spell the word?

Love to have some feedback on this

Answer #1

I JuSt c4nt St4nD it when PeEpLe tYpe like Dis oN pErpUs

I don’t understand the upper and lower case type. It hurts my head to try to read it. It is also annoying when someone is too lazy/annoying to spell a work correctly that they obviously know how to spell.

Answer #2

I think anyone who has succesfully completed elementary school should be able to spell most of the words they would use in their daily life. I, of course, would not put someone down for a typo but if they actually buthcer a word trying to spell it than yes I would tell them. And I don’t try to correct people to make them feel bad but it annoys the heck out of me when people spell incorrectly or when they use improper grammar.

In your case you spelled tries, feel, does, bothered and realized wrong. all of which you should have learned by 5th grade at least.

As for tips to spell better: Learn how to sound out simple words. Go back to elementary school and practice. Get a dictionary.

Answer #3

I don’t usually correct other people’s spelling mistakes because I know I manage to make enough of my own. I will, on occasion, offer the information below when I think the individual might like a handy help that will resolve the majority of their spelling errors.

ieSpell Checker

A FREE Spell Checker for Internet Explorer – lets you check your spelling before submitting your Questions, Answers or other information on Internet sites. It places an icon on your IE Toolbar that makes spell-checking a snap. It suggests alternate spellings when it thinks you have made an error. It also lets you add words to its vocabulary.

(If it’s not an active link then simply copy and paste it into your browser’s Address box.)

Answer #4

lol, sorry, I wasnt trying to be insulting, I just thought you were making a point… (mistake only one s, so I thought you were like making a point by misspelling it)

well I feel for you, my own spelling really sucks, in the 8th grade I couldn’t for the life of me spell beautiful, after a couple of times with the wrong spelling, my teacher got fed up and made me write it out 1000 times (lol, well it worked, havent spelled it wrong since :)

hmm well apart from just reading a lot, I dunno, but when it comes to stuff on the internet, you could use firefox (instead of internet explorer)? it has an automatic spell check, like on emails and for this site too…

Answer #5

the only reson I cant spell is because one of my first school teachers didn’t like my mum so she held me back in english and I got special classes so insted of lerning to spell proply I learnt how 2 spell the word because over and over again.

but spelling is a difficult one because evrybody said its important. you can drop a hole grade in an exsam if you are not a good speller.

I dont get muddled with my words a lot but I can’t say cynnamon or synnanon (one’s a thing you put in food the over is something from english) espeserly when there like that.

because I am not a very good speller my self I don’t rely say any think to somebody if they make a mistake ( thats if I pick up on it) what gets on my nerves is if you cant acctuly read there riting to begin with.

I AlsO hATe WhEn PeOPle WRIte LiKE tHIs

or wh3n they writ3 lik3 this putting numbers in inst3ad of l3tters.

but I must addmit in texts I shorten words to make the text shorter like in a text I would write that as bt I mst admte and txts I srtn wrds 2 mk ta txt soter I only do it to shave money on texts as well

dose anybody not like it whe people do that?

Answer #6

I dont unless they’re being rude themselves. I do it to my uncle a lot, because he’ll write me little notes, telling me everything Im doing wrong, so I write him notes back correcting all his spelling mistakes, and gently point out that he’s a 42 year old partly recovered alcoholic who still lives with his parents.

Answer #7

ummm nerd its word not work ! ! ! ! ! LOL

Ok I think as long as you know what people are trying to say when they spell something wrong I dont think it is necessary to point it out. especially when one is rude and they make another feel stupid that is really mean.

Answer #8

did you make a bunch of spelling mistakes to make a point?

and it depends, when people cant tell the difference between accept and except it drives me crazy… uhm and when I point it out it isnt to make them look stupid or to help them, it just bothers me (which is really a personal OCD issue of mine…)

Answer #9

no its just I never been good at english and never will be I am good at over things just not spelling and english.

I mean I realy respect people who can tell you how to spell a word like at the click of a finger but it upsets me when people try to put you down because you made a fuw errors in spelling.

so no to your question I didn’t make a bunch of spelling misstakes to make a point I did them because I CAN NOT spell to put it simply.

but I can see how it annoys people when you can’t read what people are trying to say because that personly gets on my nurvs.

has anybody got any good tips to help me with my spelling?

Answer #10

btw I am only 14 so you no I am still in school and speeling is my difficult point because I got crap teachers who could not b arst 2 teach the children so il go back to elementry school aka 1st school but onli if I have a teacher who can do there job proply.

thanks for your comments amy

Answer #11

I am good with spotting spelling mistakes, and I often get asked to check my friends work for spelling mistakes because they always lose marks for it in assignments so in a sense it can be a good thing as well as bad.

I often make mistakes myself but if I’m making them in something that’s not vital to me then I just leave it as it is.

Answer #12

I will some times but I mean I don’t do it just to be a smart a*s and make them feel bad. If I do I usually say something stupid about myself so they know I’m not trying to be mean. When I was younger a lot of people corrected me on my spelling and how I talked. I still don’t talk proper. but I am a very good speller now.

Answer #13

If you use Firefox browser, it has a spell check built into the program which is incredibly simple to use. When you see the red line under the word, right click the word with your mouse and you will get the correct spelling at the top of the drop-down bar.

Answer #14

well I’ve made mistakes in spelling and yea I hate it when someone tries to correct me and tries to be a smart a** about it

Answer #15

I like correcting spelling mistakes, but that’s only ‘cause I’m a grammer nerd.

Answer #16

It should be done tactfully if done because we all make mistakes - when speaking I sometimes get my mords wixed up.

Answer #17

I do that all the time, not to be rude, I just do - I always have

Answer #18

I try not to do that it’s Ruud. .. ruda, (Blank look of confusion. . ) RUDE. . .

Answer #19

A bunch of spelling mistakes can be really annoying to read.

Answer #20

yes I correct averybody all the time..

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