Do you get annoyed by people who say 'lol' at everything?

Why do people feel the need to add LOL to the end of every sentence?
Why are more and more people persistently using this pointless 'expression'.

If trying to get people to read laughter within a sentence, they should read laughter, not this idiotic abbreviation for an stupid phrase.

If writing something that's meant to be funny; people can decide whether
or not it was funny for themselves, without a self-obsessed idiot phrase.

If reading something funny, then laugh; do they REALLY need to type 'lol' after it? Am I the only one who finds it stupid??

The 'term', useless as it was anyway, has now lost any meaning...
"I got drunk the other night lol"
"[Name] is very bored lol"

WHY?! Why is that funny?! - Get a grip!

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LOL... this post is too funny LOL :-)

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I kind of do that sometimes too...but maybe everything is funny LOL

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I agree with that. There's some people who attach 'LOL' to every sentence, but even though it annoys me, not much I can do about it...I'm glad to see someone else who feels the same way as I do though.

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I prefer to type 'haha' or even 'hehe' if something is sooo funny that I need to explain to the other person that I made a funny cause they were too stupid to work it out themsleves. Or even throw in a smiley face with the big cheesy grin :D

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Okay I understand WHY people do it and I have no problem when someone does it at an appropriate time, like when something REALLY is funny. But it's when people seem to just throw it on the end of every single sentence. You just look like a tool! I don't understand LOL

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you should definitely be an english major. that sort of thing drives us crazy.

on the other hand, I can see why people use the "lol" compulsively. it's hard to convey emotion (especially if you don't have the greatest vocabulary) through texts. adding something like "lol" conveys that.

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Mmm I don't really get annoyed:P
I do it all the time:D I'm used to doing it and seeing it=)

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I say lol a lot!!! :) and I use the smiley a lot to lol

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ANSWER #10 of 21

no not really

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I don't really get annoyed, but I don't add lol at the end of my sentences all the time, but sometimes I do, LOL! :)

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I say 'lol' when ever I think things are funny (either that or haha) but that's only if it amuses me. But if it REALLY makes me laugh out loud then I type 'hahahaha' or 'lmao' or 'lol lol'. But it does annoy me when someone (like my friend) says 'lol' in EVERY text. for example::
me: heyy!!
friend: hey lol!
me: whats up?
friend: just sitting here bored lol. you?
me: watching tv, bored as crap! lol
friend: lol
me: hey, we are going to the lake later, want to come?
friend: let me ask my mom lol
me: tell her I said pretty please and that I love her!!! lol
friend: lol I will lol
me: did you ask yet?
friend: yupp lol
me: ...and??
friend: lol she said yeahh lol
me: yay! lol
friend: lol
me: bring you swim suit
friend: lol okayy
friend: lol
me: okayy thats enough with the lol's, lol
friend: lol okayy
me: thanks
friend: lol
me: im for real, stop.
friend: lol I will lol
me: I mean now
friend: I am lol
me: then do it
friend: oakyy! lol
me: see there you go again
friend: lol
me: I mean it
friend: lol
me: stop
friend: lol
me: stop
friend: lol
me: damnit! STOP!!
friend: lol okayy lol
~then I don't text back, I just get annoyed and don't bother with her anymore~
okayy sorry..kind of carried away with that... but you get my point.
I don't know how, but when ever I read "lol" I mentally think in my (not on purpose though) head that that person is laughing, like as if im talking to them in real life. I didnt relize this till the other day but It gets annoying as crap when you say it EVERYtime.

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I love the word lol but I prefere to say lmaooo! << I say that all the time

people can say what they want if you get annoyed with it just block them on msn or something just because other people use that word doesnt mean you have to does it

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Sometimes I use it to make the person I am talkngi with not feel stupid, like if something is soo funny to them they use lmao and I dun think it's funny I'll put lol. or sometimes I really do lol.

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I do that!! lol

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well now its just something most kids see as "cool" to add to the end of there sentance
it has lost almost all meaning now
much the same with other stupid slang words
its also mainly for the other person to notice that what was said was a joke or soemthing similar
but mainly its just something "cool" they all want to chick in at the end of there sentance

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Nooo way lo0ol...I'm used to do add Lol in some of ma sentences, as a meaning of laugh but not necessarily Out Loud loool ..
Because when you write, it's difficult to convey your emotional expression as what some of you said, therefore the other can understand that I'm jokin, or smiling by simply writing this 3 letters :) ..

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that lol stuff drives me nuts. I thought a girl liked me becauls in a note that she sent me it said that stupid "LOL" and I Thought that meant "Lot's of love". That and ROFL and ROFL-ing. People saying it drives me nuts too, because I'm not a text-messager (I TALK on the PHONE or in PERSON to PEOPLE) and I have to take a minute and think "Gee, l...o...l... Oh Yeah! Laugh Out Loud!

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I guess people do think of lol as in laughter I mean my mum thought lol was lots of love at first untill I told here (lol) so I guess people just say lol as in its humorus or beacuae they dont no what to think or they dont no what if or isnt funny somethings can b funny for some people and others think its stupid so I guess its on how fun and exciting you are!!

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I definately agree with miranda & jmz.
goshh, you guys crack me up!
if you`re sick of saying lol,
say lawlz.
its the exact same thing, but differently :)
grow a tail bone!

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