Do stupid people make you mad too?

Now, before I get started, this is not targeted to anyone on this site or anyone that needs advice for life decisions.

People call me stupid because I do not do well in school. I get mad at this because the people that call me stupid cant do anything for themselves, people have to spell things out for them and then they can spit it back out. The only reason I dont do well in school is because I get bored and lazy because its the same old same old. While people are out at parties and chilling outside and playing on a social site, im in my room learning everything I can learn. I taught myself to speak spanish, I read a lot of philosophy, and I am a computer programmer making more money than most of those kid’s parents. They listen to Souja Boy and that emo crap while I listen to Immortal Technique. People say im stupid because I’ve done drugs, but those people have never hit a problem in their life, they do not know what it is like to have to steal food for yourself because you parents didnt have the money to feed you. Im sick of stupid, close minded, preppy, loud mouth fcks judging me. This kid says that I am his best friend but everytime I get a bad grade, he laughs at me and calls me a retard. Im like, what the fck? I scored 80pts higher than him on our state tests. That kid who calls me his best friend calls me a looser and a druggie all the time because I smoke pot every now and then, he has never tried it, who is he to judge? That kid sits at home all day and plays video games, and he calls me a looser, he is almost 16 and has never even held hands with a girl. Ugh!!! I need to know if there is anyone else out there that feels like this, and what can I do to just calm down and shrug it off?

Answer #1

Chill out everyboddy, the best thing to do is to find a boyfriend/girlfriend and the problem is over. Find your “Zen” your inner calm.

Answer #2

I’ve kinda experienced that. I’m actually smart, but people think I’m dumb because I get bad grades. I just have A.D.D., and I can barely concentrate. I have another learning disorder (but I’m not sure which cause whenever I ask what it’s called nobody knows–its not processing English too well or something, which is weird since I’m really good at reading)

Anyway, I agree with your friend that you shouldn’t smoke pot, but he has no right to say that to you. Whether you want to quit or not, he should know how addicting it is and how hard it is to quit anyway. Also, I think that it’s kind of funny (but mean) how he calls you a loser when he barely gets out himself!

Well, I know what you’re going through. Nobody has any right to call you dumb, because I know you definitely aren’t. :)

Answer #3

Only God can judge you…

That kid who calls his self your best friend…get rid of him…sounds to me like when you need him the most he laughs at you…THATS NOT A BEST FRIEND!!!

Answer #4

wow lol kinda get what your saying im also lazy for school and cant be ar$ed yet I am teaching myself latin and know a lot of other things that a lot of people in my school dont know and yet I get called stupid dumb etc etc well, the thing you have to do is just rise above it you know your better, end of they can stick it, let them think what they want.

Answer #5

Hang in there - sounds like you’re not alone and many people get you.

Answer #6

your best friend is a lame nerd avoid him you will look more cool by not associating with him

Answer #7

omg everyone like think im stupid but im not too!!

Answer #8

I have 3 daughters, and they are all very gifted, but their personalities are very different–1 is like you, very independant, but hates work at school, other two are just as smart but do not thnik like you–there are a lot of types of smart out there, and just because you dont get straight a’s it does not make you stupid…my grandfather was a nuclear engineer and nearly flunked out of college! to answer your question, stupidity irks all of us, but most of all, I think, when it’s other’s judgements of us that are incorrect…we dont all fit into a box… :)

Answer #9

I really hate people who act all ‘awesome’ and who say all sort of stupid things loke ‘holla!’ and who wear huge bug sunglasses and stuff. When in reality, they’re like 17 and have no future plans, no job…nothing. I’m smart and all, but people stereotype me as stupid for liking the book Twilight, while in fact they don’t even bother reading, playing video games and getting arrested, instead. :S Ignore they’re comments, because in ten years, you’ll be sucessful, and they’ll be poor and working at McDonalds.

Answer #10

Although I’m getting decent grades at school, I know perfectly well that a good report card isn’t always an accurate measure of someone’s intelligence. Intelligence can’t be defined by a mark you get for a test, it’s your ability to understand the world around you and apply that knowledge to achieve something productive which you can feel proud of. There are many different types of intelligence–for example, I would say that I’m intelligent in the academic sort of way, but not really “street-smart” like my cousin, who isn’t as into academics and study as I am but can make the most of any opportunity she is given in the real world. She also has great people skills and can adapt to any social situation she encounters, whereas it takes me a while to read people and establish a comfortable relationship with them. I believe in the saying that the “real” smarts happen outside of school, so don’t feel bad about not getting good grades in school just because you aren’t what the department of education defines as “intelligent.” Of course it must be so frustrating to be judged and laughed at by people who seem like they’re doing even worse than you at school, but try to think of the big picture. Everything is temporary, and in a few years time they could be serving you tea and biscuits in your private office. Hang in there, they’ll get theirs someday. =)

Answer #11

I have not had people call me stupid, but “weird and different”. I enjoy learning, like you do. Richard P Feynman said it all in “The Pleasure of Finding Things Out”.

Why is it that there are so many people who will only learn something IF THEY HAVE TO for a job or something? The PLEASURE is what drives genius. Einstein asked Rollo May “…why o I get my best ideas in the morning while I am shaving?”. In the book “Growing Up Gifted” it was observed that gifted children FORESTALL ON CLOSURE on ideas and questions fromn teachers. Maybe they knew about the dialectic relationship: Thesis, Antithesis SYNTHESIS and that INCUBATION produces this in the human mind; just like Einstein observed. The stucture of the chemical bensene was discovered by a man who INCUBATED the question and it came to him in a dream. He had a dream about a snake and it had formed a RING by biting it’s tail. From that he saw that this chemical has a RING STRUCTURE.

You are like these people, GIFTED. Why are there so many UNGIFTED people who NEVER try to increase their intellegence and knowledge???

Forgive my spelling, David

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