Do ghosts eat or hide people food?

ok someone weird been happening in my house ton of food go missing like 10 min ago some ice cream so missing the only people in my houese is my my uncle and my sister at the moment and none of us move so where did it go? week after week food be going missing and stuff and stuff be going missing? do they do this stuff to people

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I am part of a family of 4 we have to buy $200 in food every 2 weeks my dad eats only unhealthy (not a lot) my bro hates to eat and my mom hates to get out of bed so she yells when she want food whats happening to all the food its like we're feeding 6-10 people

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Spirits do move things, to get your attention, also Gnomes are little devils theymove things also, I lost my grandmothers ring, only to find it on the bathroom floor 3 months later, and no one put it their either, I was in the laundry room and opened up a cabinet drawerer, and their was a picture of my deceased sister, her picture was in the bedroom originallynot the laundry room, they move things but evenually when you say oh well playing games again, I,m not playing games, & forget it, than you will find it, because itwill just appear, I have had my pictures rearanged, things moved around, but I don,t care , they are just trying to get your attention, I have studied spirit for years, the reason we can'tsee them is because they are in a higher vibration, we are at a low vibration, but they are definately all around us,

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Ghosts are always on a diet so they would never eat your ice cream. A couple of things could be happening here. And it all adds up to human error.
**Unless the ice cream was locked in a box and the box secured to something - then I bet the ice cream wouldn't go missing. This would be a controlled experiment.
**Animals like ice cream too - mice perhaps - smart ones that know how to put the lid back on.
**Other people in the house not admitting to eating the ice cream.
**And finally - this is the most plausable advice - we all get them - they happen more than we know - solution - and don't take offence at this but it does happen a lot --the most likely solution *** you had a brain fart*** ok maybe not the most technical of terms but - my daughter was holding a sweater in her hands and then poof it was gone - she found it under her bed - she didn't remember putting it there but it happened. IT freaked her out at first but it happens to everyone - are you under stress or really tired or do you have epilepsy?
There are a huge number of things that could have happened - but I'm pretty sure that no ghost would eat your really tasty ice cream.

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this is no joke people am kinda little freak out about this food just don't come up missing while no one mess with it

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Maybe you were so busy with what you were doing on the computer that you didn't notice them walk by right in front of you.It happens.

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"Ghosts" or spirits can not eat human food and can not hide things. Poltergeists can move things but I doubt it would be ice cream. If you had a poltergeist you would know it, they are not friendly spirits. I bet your uncle or sister is playing a joke on you or eating the food.

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hey everybody thinks this is a joke but it isnt they arent serious enough but I believe you so yeah

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no buddy the computer is right where I can see the kitchen and where I can see them walk by me! not one of them walked by

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Or you could be playing a joke on us. Just saying.

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it could be the boogieman!!
no...I think he would have perfered nachos..
but seriously thou- no idea
but if I was a ghost id eat ice cream

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no I wasn't all that busy and my uncle is asleep and my sister is in the next room over where I can see her and she a heavy walker so I would of notice am not easy to get pass

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