Is a dirty bomb headed to a city near you?

If so... who mailed the care package?

Nestled somewhere between the front page and sports section of your favorite newspaper you may have come across the visage of 36 year old CIA contractor Raymond Davis. He is being held by Pakistani authorities for the deaths of two Pakistani men on January 27th. American media outlets had withheld the news of Davis' CIA credentials until his cover had been blown by independent news sources. From

"ABC News was asked by the U.S. government to withhold publication of Davis's affiliation with the CIA, citing fears that disclosure would jeopardize his safety. After several foreign media organizations published parts of his background, the U.S. government rescinded its request to ABC News to embargo the information."

What is still seldom reported though, is the report from Pakistani ISI who had been shadowing Davis...[the two men Davis killed were ISI agents whom he thought to be robbers]. According to ISI, Davis had been meeting Al Qaeda contacts in Waziristan providing them with nuclear fissile and biological material

Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the Portland Christmas tree bomber, was solicited by the FBI to carry out an attack. He was compensated by the FBI for his efforts. His dud backpack bomb was provided by FBI agents. When it failed to detonate he was promptly arrested by his handlers... and then the dog and pony show was paraded out before the American audience.

Emad Salem was an FBI informant who recorded a conversation with his FBI contact when he feared that he would be implicated for the 1993 WTC bombing. Salem thought that he was helping to stage an impotent attack to capture Islamic radicals. When the attack proved deadly, he thought to record his dealings with the FBI so that they could not cut their ties to him and arrest him along with the others.

Is this revelation to be believed? Does it persuade you to reevaluate your opinion regarding the events of 9/11? Do you know who to believe?

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ANSWER #1 of 3 that I've read this, it's very, very curious why more Americans aren't attempting an Egyptian style overthrow of the corrupt government officials.

The real reason we're not, and still buying their crap?

1) 2nd to worst industrialized education system in the entire industrialized world...provided by the state, of course.

2) largest military budget in the world...bigger than that of the rest of the world, combined (despite only providing 1/3 of the world's a result, our military budget should be something like 60% or less of what we're at now, at most)

3) 1/3 of Americans are obese....1/3 of the world's population is *starving*...think about it: that fat guy sitting next to you? They *ATE* the food that should have gone to somebody who really needed it (you know, to not die of starvation).

That awesome tax plan Obama trotted out in the election run up? Nowhere to be found.

Those corporate taxes? Less than 1% of GDP, a historical a time when the local governments are going bankrupt.

Gee...I don't know, maybe I should just stop reading stuff and stop thinking....will that make it better? Sigh.

Thanks for sharing, btw...if only more people would *think*...we'd all be better off.

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I think you are hitting on something that isn't associated often enough with conspiracy talk or whatever one wants to call it. A lot of people consider a fixation with these sorts of things as a mere distraction for slightly delusional history buffs... sort of like a fascination with a sport or automobiles or what have you. Seeing things this way it is easy for someone to dismiss this sort of question as inconsequential... maybe that's why so few have considered answering. It isn't to me. I've always had a drive to get to the heart of the matter. I was never satisfied as a kid when an adult would answer a question of "why" of mine with "because." Everything started with me when I tried to wrap my mind around inflation and why money had to necessarily depreciate. The so called natural business cycle never made sense. As civilization progresses technologically... if anything the trend should always be towards an appreciation of purchasing power. Supply can more easily meet demand. I understand that some things do become more affordable... especially electronics... but this isn't true across the board... and in many cases the opposite is the case... so many families with single heads of household find feeding themselves hard... contrast with America half a century ago. I came to the realization that those people privy to the creation of money and to the first purchases of newly created money get the advantage of bypassing the inflationary property of the new money. I then made the logical step that the inflation of money works to the favor of those issuing money because it insures that the time value of everyone is always spent running in place... think of inflation as a treadmill... as it constantly moves in a negative direction... the person must work just to maintain their position instead of actually getting anywhere. Bankers will always be in the position to leverage their unnecessary service to the rest of us. Another way to rob people of wealth is to have them spend all of their time value building bombs and weapons of war that are by their very nature meant to be disposable. We don't all spend our time manufacturing these things... but we all do give our government part of our time value in taxes that are used this way. Finally, we are instituting austerity measures like those in Wisconsin that have caught the attention of regular people. Many people are drawing a connection with the double standards shown to the largest banks and themselves... rightfully so... but without a full understanding of the interrelationship between the banks/corporations and the government, there can be no real solution to the problem. By trying to illustrate the lengths a complicit government will go to placate the wishes of the bankers, hopefully we begin to see that nothing less than a total overhaul of the current system will do us any good. Sorry for rambling on... I am not sure if I have said what I sought out to... but I appreciate you making the connection that is often unsaid.

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btw... the last link is an mp3 of a phone conversation between Emad Salem and his FBI contact who gives his name in the conversation as John Krauthammer. I should have made that clear... I think it is very damaging to the official take on the first WTC bombing. Anyone reading my post... I hope you try that link if you ignore the others.

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