What is the most difficult thing you will do today?

I may mow the grass and weed around the house. That’s about it.

Answer #1

Well seeing as I dont have work today the hardest thing i’m gonna have to do is lay in the sun and deal with the heat :) Gosh I just love days like today haha.

Answer #2

Trying to think of an answer to this question:P

Answer #3

Actually wake up . yawn

Answer #4

hmmmmm… constant moving and doin somethin. like now im workin, when i get off i gotta be mommy so i guess not bein able to be lazy even for one second lol well till my daughters bedtime hehe

Answer #5

nothing cuz itz so hard to do nothing

Answer #6

Convince a powerhouse corporation to agree to a sponsorship campaign by giving us free merchandise to use as an incentive.

Answer #7

scrub the shower and clean my room >.< hoorah

Answer #8

Saying bye bye to my best friend…..shes moving to another country :(

Answer #9

Woohoo. Free iPads! $$

Answer #10

I guess it was difficult. Still working on a response?

Answer #11

Put up with my mentally unstable family. FML

Answer #12

Get some work done

Answer #13

Yeap, hard life i know:P

Answer #14

Ha, ha!! I guess I ruined your day. You could’ve had and easy day of no thinking but had instead been working on an answer all day.

Answer #15

The most difficult thing I’ll do today? O.O Uh…walk to the kitchen? :)

Answer #16

Getting in the house early, shutting my mind off and getting to bed because I get up at 4:00 am and work 12 hrs. I hate daylight savings time, it stays light til bout 10:00. I think it should be dark at 8:30 “ INTERNATIONAL LAW!!!” If the golfers want to play, light the place up!!!

Answer #17

took a break from my relationship.

Answer #18

Trying to get over a breakup I had yesterday </3

Answer #19

Well yesterday was rough cause I competited in my town’s pageant, won Miss Congeniality and 3rd runnerup, so proud lol =D And later today I’m gonna be in a festival doing a dance we (the contestents) learned from the pageant and do my talent which is reading a poem I wrote myself thank you very much =D. Then Saturday I’m gonna be in a parade yay =D <3

Answer #20


Answer #21

Yea. That gravity! Making us get tired when we walk. Why can’t we just glide over laying down like in the moon. :(

Answer #22

I’ll bet you can get it done. Use your communication skills to the fullest. How about the advertising and visibility angle?

Answer #23

trying to fall asleep.

Answer #24

Cook a meal that my mom doesn’t complain about. X(

Answer #25

Aw thanks =D <3

Answer #26

I have to go to court to testify on a trail.

Answer #27

I cleaned one of my toilets yesterday. But just inside the bowl with that Lysol thing and the brush.

Answer #28

“How about the advertising and visibility angle” … yep - using that to its fullest extent :)

Answer #29

I know, I’m a dumb ass sometimes.

Answer #30

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Answer #31

This question was asked 17 days ago…. but im still gonna awnser:) cleaning my lip piercing which isnt all that hard… and walking.

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