Difference between UK and America?

I’m pretty bored right now and I just have to ask… I’ve always been fascinated with the UK and I’m just curious as to what the difference is between America and Britain. Just things they do differently (ex: drive on the opposite side of the road) and… that’s about all I know laughs so please help me out here…

Answer #1

-Starting schools at different ages like high school at 14 high school here would be 11. -different money (dollars and pounds) -spell things differently like colour and mum. -american idol is popular there where xfactor/bgt is popular here.

and LOADS more. x

Answer #2

in England, when I was a little girl going to boarding school; I fell in love with the lush green country side and the brightly painted buses and black cabs in London. All candy was called ^tuck^ and my little closet in the girl’s dorm was a ^Judy Box^ lol lol … my school mistress was forever editing my letters home and if I wrote ^mommy^, she would put a big red mark through it and force me to write ^mummy^. Miss Reed was a royal pain and I remember getting a failing mark on a geography paper because I said there are seven continents. She said there are six and that the Panama Canal changed nothing. Fortunately 90% of my memories are positive. As a 16 year old I returned to England for holiday from my Swiss boarding school and saw some of the best theater in the world and shopped till I dropped. The best Indian cuisine in the world is to be found in the UK, not to mention ^fish and chips^. The people are warm and friendly if you are. I love their sense of humor and rich history.

Answer #3

Well we both have different names for the same things such as;

In the UK a dummy is a pacifier in America, In the UK a shopping centre is a mall in America.

There’s million more!

America has a president and the UK has a queen and a prime minister.

America has dollars and cents, UK has notes and pounds.

In America schools have grades, in the UK we have year groups.

In America a fanny is someones bottom, but in the UK it means a womens vagina xD Don’t wanna get that mixed up lol

Theres so many differences I can’t write them all :D

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