Do you think there is a difference between drug users and drug abusers?

Or is it all the same? I personally think there’s a difference.

Answer #1

There is absolutely a difference. Not everyone that does dr.ugs gets addicted and abuses them. Im a recovering addict myself and have been around more than my share of other users. There are people who can go out sometimes and use a certain substance and not do it again or often. An abuser is a person who starts doing something and becomes addicted and finds themselves unable to quit.

Answer #2

Sure I see a difference. A user would be someone who knows their limits, uses it in a fashion that does not do much harm to themselves. I myself have taken different dr.ugs and had no problems, and would use them again. The abuser would use the to excess or addiction, uses it regardless of the consequences for example using it while at work or simply just doing far too much of the Or even using it for the wrong reasons like wreckless use of alcohol for depression. That is a form of abuse.

Answer #3

A user is someone who uses occasionally, mostly socially…

An abuser is someone who is addicted, and uses everyday.

Answer #4

Yes, look at alcohol. It’s a legal drüg in most places. Assumed that you are legal age for drinking…

If you drink a beer with a meal every other week, just because you like the taste and it isn’t even making you drunk it’s basically not drüg use.

If you get drunk on a birthday party twice a year then it is drüg use.

If you drink so often, that you get addicted and can’t get through the day without an alcoholic drink that is drüg abuse.

I’m not making a statement about illegal drügs here. By definition of law in my country, every use of such illegal substances is drüg abuse. I know several people who occasionally smoke weed, though. And I don’t think they are addicted or overstraining it. It is drüg abuse by the law though.

Answer #5

oh, please replace all ü s with an u. It wont let me post that word with an u. :-)

Answer #6

Yup, dru.g user does it when he wants to have some fun and all, an abuser does it all the time, to a point where she or he can’t control it at all and the drug.s) have become his or her life. But still d.rugs are, ganna hurt you either way.

Answer #7

So lets stick to the official definition (per DSM) instead of opinions. Basically the difference is that use does not interfere with one’s life, while abuse does. Interfere could mean socially, financially, health wise, etc.

Answer #8

I asked this question looking for opinions, though.

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