How do you tell the difference between boredom and hunger?

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I guess if you're hungry, your stomach would growl.. Whereas if you're bored, you're just looking for something to do.

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My stomach only growls when I am sick or ate tons...

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Boredom is when you haven't got anything to do and you think 'Hmm chocolate cookies and m&ms would be pretty good right now'. Hunger is when you can actually feel your empty tummy growling for food and when your energy is low. You should always drink water if you're not sure though as sometimes your body is thirsty and you can't tell the difference between mild hunger and thirst.

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Only hunger can provide nutrition to physically strengthen you...

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:( Its hopeless D;

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Well my tummy rumbles all the time so I wouldn't know if I was board or hungry xD

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Ohhh that fine line...Good rule of thumb, if you've barely eaten all day, your hungry. If your nibbling all day it's boredom. :)

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and mine hardly ever growls and not when im hungry lol xD

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