Difference between medical marijuana and home grown??

So Im just basically wondering what is the difference between medical marijuana and home grown??..like does one have more THC than the other or what??

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Like I already said, no. Medical marijuana is not only for cancer patients, and it is not created by scientists or anything like that. It is grown by anybody with a license to do so, which does not require any plant knowledge or plant standards to acquire. Then said person sells it to the shop, who in turn sells it to you. They are just as capable as having put anything in it or growing it as well or as poorly as you. They are just as capable of having nutrient issues, pest issues, poor strain issues, any issues, as you are.

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med weed is a lot better then normal weed because they spend a lot of time investing in things to make the weed better. people who grow for themself put in stuff to make the weed smell different of sticky stuff like that. although pretty much weed is going to be weed.

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Med Weed doesnt have any added and its for cancer people cause it realexes your brain and takes the pain away. Weed on the street is drugged up and is a lot better XD

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Incorrect. Medical Marijuana is also just grown from some bloke on the street who then took it to the shop, the shop bought it, now they're selling it to you. The safest way is to do it yourself.

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medical maijuana is grown in a controled safe environment. where as if you buy of some bloke on the street you don't know what other chemicals/additives have been put in it.

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No. "Medical Marijuana" is just someone else's "Home Grown" that they took to the shop and sold to the shop, which the shop is now selling you. It totally depends on the grower.

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The difference is whether or not you have a licence to use it.


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