Who has been to Detroit, Michigan and is it as bad as people say?

Answer #1

My mom actually she lived there, and she told me it was a lot like any other city-it has its good and bad spots, you just need to be cautious and know your surroundings. I live in the ‘most dangerous city 2010’ and I’m not dead yet. I think any city is like that, it just depends on the neighborhood you’re in.

Answer #2

Where do you live?

Answer #3

St. Louis.

Answer #4

I think all cities has its good and bad spots. In my city you don’t dare walk alone after dark or even with friends after dark in the streets because you’ll get attacked or raped or something. But it does depend on the place and area. From what I’ve heard as an outsider they aren’t that bad.

Answer #5

I’ve been to Detroit - I rather enjoyed it. I spent a couple of hours talking to a homeless man on the street at 2 in the morning - his name was Greg (after 11 years, I remember him well). He made fun of me because I called the “people mover” and “sky train”…”People mover”? Really? That’s lame - I like “sky train” better, lol. Then I had a nice conversation with two black guys who were breaking into a car - they were very friendly and courteous. All in all, I found my stay there quite enjoyable, except for the restaurant that took 4 hours to send our food out, and the waitress that mixed up everyone’s bill….I think people in Detroit are rather interesting and friendly.

Answer #6

I live in MI and I would say its jus like any other big city. definantly also depends on where in the city you live.

Answer #7

Couldn’t be too bad, I believe that’s where Judge Mathis lives. :]

Answer #8

There are some very rough parts. There are streets where the Police will not even go without backup. Other parts are quite nice though. The whole state of Michigan has been hit hard economically for a long time. Michigan is a beautiful state but blight has made for some very ugly areas.

Answer #9

I’ve lived in and around Detroit my entire life. As for the city proper, if you aren’t in a downtown venue like greektown, the ren cen, campus martius, or a sporting arena or concert hall, day or night the same rule applies- don’t walk alone. In fact, if you aren’t street smart, don’t come. If you are, then you’ll probably get along fine and find people to be pretty friendly. unfortunately, most of the rest of the city is like a horror movie. there are now large sections that are completely unpopulated- some that have been demolished and are now just large open fields. as for the suburbs- it’s like anyplace else- some nice, some not.

Answer #10

Do u know if a street call Woodward is good?

Answer #11

woodward is fine in the heart of downtown, gets bad after you pass wayne state u, then goes to “oh my god” bad until you pass the state fairgrounds (now closed down due to budget) until you get to about nine mile rd.(6 mile to 7 mile is crack whore alley). then your in ferndale and it’s fine and only gets better through royal oak. then it gets fancy in birmingham, and ultra-rich in bloomfield hills. then it’s fine for a while until you hit pontiac- some parts of pontiac are nice, but most of it is a dump.

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