Depression questions locked

There is a question locked below, where a young girl says she is suffering from depression, etc. Do you think it should be locked? Maybe someone has some words of advice for her…I’m a little confused why she isn’t being given a chance to receive any. Any kind of help would be good…wouldn’t it?

Answer #1

i hope you do not take offense,         To that that comes hereafter;         ’Tis only that it’s my two-cents,         Not one penny more thereafter. §;o)       The question

had too many negatives involving self-harm which could give responders a chance to give advice on how to further harm herself. That affords a chance of someone giving her bad advice that could further harm or kill her (or someone else), possibly making Fun Advice liable. Much safer for Fun Advice to lock the question.

I didn’t lock the question, but you can always do what I did, which is to Fun Mail her with your positive advice.

If you look at another of her questions

She does have serious problems and can possibly easily be negatively influenced.

Most of the Advisors on Fun Advice take their position responsibly and only “Lock” or “Delete” Questions that violate the Terms of Use:

Answer #2

Shouldn’t these questions be completely deleted?

Sometimes us advisors don’t know if it should be completely removed or not so we lock it until an admin can look at it to make a final decision. The admins of the site are; thedude, editor, and lex_icon.

Answer #3

i hope you do not take offense,         To that that comes hereafter;         ’Tis only that it’s my two-cents,         Not one penny more thereafter. §;o)       Legion,

Granted, that is still a small risk, but if she was seeking positive advice and someone Fun Mails her negative advice she has the option of reporting that user to the Admins.

I think more of the Advisors will go out of their way to Fun Mail her positive advice and links.

And, as Stephanie said, when one of us Locks or Deletes a question, we usually Fun Mail the poster explaining why and giving them positive advice.

Answer #4

Fair enough…point taken. I guess I just don’t like to see people suffering like this & then to be locked out of possible words of encouragement, but like you say there is always funmail. Which leads to my next question…Shouldn’t these questions be completely deleted? Otherwise there is the possibility of this girl receiving bad funmail advice, after people reading the question anyway.

Answer #5

We don’t lock questions of someone saying they are suffering from depression - but if they are sitting there saying they are cutting themselves and stuff like that, obviously we are going to lock it because that means they need help beyond us. Its pretty simple and straight forward. When we do see questions like that we do often FunMail them a hotline they can call to get help and talk to a professional. We can only do so much and if there’s nothing left for us to do then we point them to the right direction hoping they follow.

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