What does "defrauding" mean and what is the current situation about getting paid for points?

Answer #1

If you are talking about Funadvice , then in that case Defrauding means to cheat and violating the Terms and condition of Fun advice.

If you get engage in point boosting activities instead of gathering quality contents Fun advice may stop your payment. but as long as you are not cheating , i don’t think they will stop your payment

Answer #2

When you defraud someone, you are intentionally deceiving them for personal gain or to damage them in some way.

On this website, an example of defrauding would be point-boosting, which the FAQ explains.

“When you engage in behaviour, directly or indirectly, for the sole purpose of increasing your point total, this is considered point-boosting and is an offence that will ensure your immediate and irrevocable termination. Point-boosting activity includes rating several posts (questions, answers, How To’s) on a friend’s account in a short period of time (or having a friend rate all your posts), asking several baseless questions, spamming the question board, posting invaluable How To’s/Tips, and creating multiple accounts and using those accounts to rate your own content.”

The FAQ also explains what points are, and how you earn them.

“Points are a way of indicating that you are a valid and trusted member of FunAdvice. You gain points by giving great answers, which are rated by other members, and posting videos, How To’s, and Tips. Members who have earned the most points within a 48 hour time period can be seen on the Leaderboard which is at the right side of the Question page.

Points can also be redeemed for U.S. dollars. The amount you can redeem depends on how many points you have - you must have 100 points remaining on your account to keep all your privileges that you’ve earned, so you won’t be able to redeem the entire amount (example; if you have 3000 points, which equals $300, you can only redeem $290/ 2900 points). You must have at least 250 points to redeem, and every 10 points is worth $1 US.

You can set up your point cash out by going to your profile page, then clicking on “My settings”. You can either use your PayPal email address or your home mailing address to receive a cheque. When requesting a cheque, please ensure that your full and legal name is submitted so that you can cash/deposit your money at your bank. Your account must be in good standing and active to qualify for cash for points.” - http://www.funadvice.com/doc/faq

Answer #3

Thank you, for letting me I have not been engaged in any of this activity.

Answer #4

No problem. :-)

Answer #5

I’m assuming the people concerned would already have been contacted and banned? I really have no idea who they’re talking about, but I’ve only really been coming on daily since last week.

Answer #6

man u reply to just about every questions on here dude jesus christ seeing the same people answering things on everything is annoying

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