Death or castration?

Would you rather die or be castrated?

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well, I think if you were castrated, neutered, you could still have a life, death would seem
more permanent! Any one else??

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You do not lose your weeny. Your balls get squashed by some nutcracker like thing. It really hurts >.< some faint and die because they cant stand the pain. I'd rather die

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Castration is the removal of the testicles. Sometimes they are lost due to accidents or surgically removed for medical reasons.

The one thing that is irrevocibly lost with castration is the ability to sire children.

In males the testicles produce most of their testosterone, without this hormone males loose most of their libido and often their ability to have erections (though eunichs can sometimes perform sexually).

Now testosterone treatment is available for men who experience castration to replace normal libido and sexual function. This will not give them the ability to repoduce though.

Considering that testosterone treatment is available the main downside to castration is the loss of fertility.

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I would rather die

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lol castration

hey jimmy which one would you rather?

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whats castrated mean?

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well, since I have no balls to casterate,
ill go with casteration.

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Casteration. LOL I dont know any man who could live without use of his weeny.

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Casteration. Im a girl, or am I *suspensful music*

who wonders that someday humans will try to cheat death and then all become zombies?gosh its creepy

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