What can be worse then death?

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Torture? Seriously -- torture is a lot worse than death, sometimes death is the only solution to torture.

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heartbreak and betrayal

painless death?

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i like torture x)

Morbid about death
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since you like torture ... i shotgun chopping your arms and legs of while still keeping you alive

Which is worse...

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Being away from someone you love, not having your love returned, being paralysed and unable to ask to be euthanised, being disfigured

Dreams about death?
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Having your family die would be much worse in my opinion.

Great uncle's death.

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having to listen to Carlos Mencia try to be funny for a half hour

Does death come in threes?
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okay. ill tie yu to a chair in a rat/ insect infested warehouse. ill make small cuts on ur arms and legs with my pocket knife and let the rats and the parasites slowly eat you alive x)

Whats with the Screw driver and hammer death video?

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i dont mean to sound twisted, but that was rather a beautiful and well thought form of torture, it was creative unlike that nonsense they show in slasher movies.

Life and Death
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thank you =D lol torture is my thing lol

How can someone deal with a loved ones death?
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Yeah, watching people you love suffer and die in front of you then you live would be awful :(

What creeps you out more - snakes, spiders, or rats; is there something even worse for you?
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Or Andy Parsons.

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This is creeping me out. :O

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Justin Beiber!!! Just kidding, don't shoot.

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got any more to share :)

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Why did I have to be on my answer... :/

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No life after death..... death being the final moment.

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lmfao x) sorry miguel

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In my opinion, it would be suffering, like someone making you suffer.
Also seeing someone you love suffer and you being able to do nothing about it.

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there are so many things that are worse then death that most people would like to die instead of leaving

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and @gooner the majority of my 'torture' methods are taken from the Nazis during world war 2(?). the rat thing was mine tho =D

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There's a movie called "sick girl" where the main character bashed a little boys face in with a shovel, and then puts a rat into the sack that's over his face so it can eat at his flesh. I think that would be worse than death. The rats/insects and cuts made me think of that.

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Having my limbs torn apart but also...never seeing Adam.

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tehe i like that little girl x)

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I'm just glad you all live far away from me.

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wanting to die but cant

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i have people everywhere ;)

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we are all closer to you than you think ;) haha

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oh, @moe, did i tell you? i can fly =) lol

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worrying about it before hand

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well not me. my little gargoyle dude who has yet to be named

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you guys are crazy XD

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thank you =D

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Too many to name...

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in a good way:)

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miley cyrus

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