I dont think cutting yourself is wrong. I think everybody has theirown ways of dealing with things, let it be writing, crying, talkng to counselers, ETC. And take my word, 95 percent of people who do cut release pain in other ways too, but cutting ccomes first because es it is an adiction but who says its bad? Society? WHO CARES! I cut myself and I dont wish I could stop, cause the truth is I know im strong andi know if I wanted to stop I could, but I dont want to! Please guys I want to hear your opinions ! And even if you dont agree wiht me I want to hear what you have to say just please dont be nasty about it im only expressing how I feel =]

Answer #1

I used to cut myself and yes it got me thru some tuff isuess also I cry evernight also so yeah rock on if you want to cut because thats your choice peace:D


Answer #2

r you serious? is that like a real honest reply? if you’re gunna cut yourself make sure your making money off it. that’s an insult to every self-injurer out there. except for yourself I assume. my suggestion is that noone read the above advice and if you have erase it from your mentality. Get help if you’re a cutter by all means, if you can’t stop alone, a hobby is a great idea but not one that will enable you to “get away with” cutting.

Answer #3

I’ve stopped since I last responded to this question. you just need to find an alternative. find a motivation to stop. now I keep a razor blade in my bedside drawer. everytime I feel like I need to cut I go to it and just hold it. I stare at it and examine it over and over again. after a while the feeling that made me want to cut goes away. and if it doesnt then I grab a pen and a notebook and write. thats it.

Answer #4

I think cutting is bad my bff does it she almost killed herself while doing it she was in school and I caught her doing it and when You cut yourself you might be releiving stress but you could be causing your friends emotional pain and you might kill yourself

Answer #5

I am a recovering cutter, haven’t done it for about 12 years now. what really did help me was actually getting a little older , my poetry writing, and BECOMING SOBER!! once I was sober, it was somewhat easier to deal with the pains I was feeling- I’ve been sober for 13 yerars now ( the first year was a nightmare- I still cut but not since) once I progressed to the point to where I could skillfully get my repressed pain and feelings written down on paper- things seemed to get better. to anyone currently out there cutting- at the most SEEK HELP PLEASE!! and at the least if you will not seek help - STERILIZE YOUR CUTTING INSTRUMENT. I never suffered an infection simply because I sterilized my blade with alcohol before I got going.

Answer #6

I cut. And let me tell you there is something very wrong with it!! The scars, the questions, and the risks of slipping and infection. I know this girl and her arm got infected and she didn’t tell her mom because she didn’t want her to know she was cutting. Guess what! she no longer has a left arm! Are you telling me this is okay?

Answer #7

it doesnt take a strong person to quit cutting - it takes one who cares about themselves.

kryss =]

Answer #8

Cutting yourself harms yourself. You say you’re strong enough to stop if you wanted to. If you think you’re strong enough, try to stop, and not just for a short time, but long enough to really show that you can.

Answer #9

Musicians relieve pain by writing music, being productive. You use it to ruin yourself further. You get the point.

Answer #10

I used to cut too. No one understood. I didn’t even understand. I was short-sighted, I didn’t realized one day my 5 year-old nephew would ask about all those scars on my arm. It was so embarrassing and I ended up lying about them. To adults I can say “ I used to be a cutter” I’m very open about it. I haven’t cut in two years. I’m not without my urges but I don’t that any more. It was a horrendous way to express myself, my inner rage, but now I find other ways.

Answer #11

hi, my girl friend is dealing with cutting. she has been going thought it for the last two years. last fall she got amitted to a mental hospital and they kept her for 8 days and then in january she went to safe alternitives near chicago. she still struggles with it . if you have any question or need to talk let me know and i can give you her email.

Answer #12

I cut and it helps a lot couse I have bottled up my emotions for so long I don’t know what I feel anymore/ I cut cause I hate myself

Answer #13

I’m just going to repeat this from another question that I answered.

I think that cutting is so wrong. Seriously, what is there to gain? Does hurting yourself make the pain go away for a second? More like it distracts you from daily pain to focus on a new one. Sure, I have no say in this because it’s another person’s decision. But seriously… Why hurt yourself? Hardships always tend to be the answer, but with a little bit of work you can learn to overcome that. Mourning and cutting yourselves is never a solution. Because no matter how bad you’ve got things going in your life, someone always has it worse.

Answer #14

i cut myself too. its the best feeling and the worst feeling in the world. it is an addiction. but it is really not that hard to stop. ive stopped many times. but its comforting and i didnt want to stop. i stopped because my frends were worried. i decided to stop again because my bf wanted me too. its been about 2 months since i cut myself last. i know that doesnt sound like very long but im still workin on it. i dont see how it is very dangerous if you know when to stop. you learn how far you can cut without seriously hurting urself. this is hard to explain to people who havent tried it.

Answer #15

the front of my entire right thigh is covered in half healed scars. I dont think its normal, or good, i know im f*cked up, but i still do it. To be honest, i dont have a horrible life, i just seem to hate myself, and with my peers i act like anyone else, like i have respectful self esteem so i take it out on myself when im on my own. When my grandad died, i hadnt been to see him for two years, and felt awful, and the night of his funeral i got a pair of scissors and cut my arm open. It bled for ages, all over my forarms. Then my boyfriend at the time, this is about three weeks later, got drunk and smacked me over the head with an iron (the plastic side, it wasnt that serious) then literally threw me out of his flat and i learned the next day that he’s got my best friend drunk and slept with her. Then i cut his name into my thigh, and thats when i was hooked. Days after i went over his name, determined to hide it completely, then aftr that, whenever i had a bad day id cut my legs. now i have a load of random cuts on my left thigh and on my right there’s 3 rectangular shapes of scars all close to each other and overlapping, the one where i wrote his name is 11 inches by 4, and the other two rectangles are about 3 by 4/5 inches. One night i lost three plastic cupfuls of blood. Now whenever i go on holiday i have to stay covered up, and my parents still dont know. Its like, whenvenr i cut, this other person is controlling me, i feel this phycotic rage behind my eyes like its someone else’s, once i spent an hour stamping on a sharpener with my bare foot to try and get the blade from it, i really scared myself. if i could go back id never start, but then again it was an effective outlet of my self hate.

Answer #16

If you thought it was perfectly ok you probably wouldn’t be asking what our views on it are, so something tells me that you know it isn’t okay to cut. Who’s to say drinking or drugs are bad? Society does, although that’s becoming a little more acceptable, but the principle is the same. Some one drinks or does drugs to deal with pain just the same as we cut. We harm ourselves, they harm themselves. I feel terrible about myself when I cut, actually I always feel terrible about myself, that’s part of why I cut. But anyway, inflicting injury upon yourself doesn’t make things better. Are you really happy with what you’re doing? Are you happy that you have to hide it? Maybe you don’t have to but I know I do. I don’t want people to see the scars, I feel ugly, and people judge me, regardless if it is my release. It’s not a healthy release, and I’ve come to terms with that, and I’m working at it with counceling. It’s such a better feeling when you can do something else and not take all that stuff that’s bottled up inside out on yourself. You feel better about yourself and things in life start getting better too. It takes a while, but I think it’s all worth it. So far it has been for me. You may not be ready to let go of cutting, but it will come, when it does I hope you decide to do what’s right.

Answer #17

When you cut yourself, you are making yourself bleed. You are scarring yourself. You are dealing with your pain by inflicting it back upon yourself in a different way. However, people who write it down or talk about their problems are letting it out in a way that releases the pain without hurting them further. You may feel better after you’ve cut yourself, but consider this: does the pain eventually come back, so that you need to cut yourself again? Obviously, if you’re doing it out of habit. But, when people go to counseling, they slowly decrease in how often they need to go, and people who write down their problems often move past them a lot quicker and don’t need to keep going back to vent on a piece of paper. The healthy ways of letting out pain or hurt also help to heal you, and prevent this pain from still affecting you. But cutting doesn’t solve anything for you, and if you need to do it again and again every time you’re feeling overwhelmed enough, then it isn’t helping you in the long run. I’m sorry that you’ve got so much bothering you that you would hurt yourself to vent it, please consider talking to someone! Good luck, and sorry this is so long.

Answer #18

Hello friend =) I’m understand where you’re coming from ( being a former cutter myself) so i totally get you, I feel the same way you do about cutting my family wanted me to stop my boyfriend wanted me to stop but I never listened to them, then one day me and my boyfriend got into a fight and i was mad and hurt so i went to cut but this time i hit a vain and i had to go to the hospital i nearly bled to death (no joke this really happened to me) so after that happened i started to rethink things and i ended up stopping (trust me it was not easy) i still get urges to cut now but i handle it differently now. i’m not trying to be all preechy or whatever but i’m just saying as a friend i don’t want you to end up in the hospital like i did, i’m not telling you but rather asking you to please think about stopping, i’m saying this only because i care about you and your well being. weather you decied to quit or not remember i’m here for ya and you can always talk to me. well hope that helps

a friend to talk to,

Poetic =)

Answer #19

Dear kaileyxox45, I’ve had several clients who self-abuse. You’re right that cutting can become an addiction. It usually starts for one reason and ends up being habitual. But you are wrong if you think cutting is the right way to deal with things. Cutting is psychological disorder and like all disorders must be treated. You must seek out a counsellor, one that is familiar with self-abuse. Notice it’s called self-ABUSE…because it is ABUSE. Doing this doesn’t mean you aren’t strong but it means you need another method to deal with your problems. Cutting is never right, so don’t kid yourself in thinking it is…seek help and you can start with a school counsellor, teacher, paster, mother, public clinic etc. But find help. Sue…good luck

Answer #20

My counsellor told me that cutting isnt wrong. if I need to then thats fine. after hearing that it felt like a weight lifted off my mind. I stopped cutting shortly after this Now, 3 years later im doing it again. before it was a coping mechanism. now its an addiction. Theres what I know, I hope it helps. im also beginning to realise that no-one knows you as well as you know yourself. do what you think is right for you. for instance, if a few scars stopped you from getting so overboard you may have killed yourself then id say they were probably good scars. xxx

Answer #21

I cut…I find nothing wrong with it…I dont wish I could die…but sometimes…the pain…takes my mind off the other types of pain that ican do nothing the pain in my heart…I have scars…I am proud of them..behind each of them there is a story…and the scars dont let me forget that part of my life…they remind me I was strong enough to make it I wasnt strong enough to do it without hurting myself…but…im not perfect…I am addicted…but id rather cut and carve instead of drink or snort drugs up my nose…

Answer #22

actually I used to cut myself and I dont see anything wrong with it but I do think there are better things to do I found a hobby/career and it has helped me since I stopped cutting but it also helps that my hobby/career is cooking and I handle knives everyday and often do get cut so I really didnt stop I just found a way around it and make money by doing it

so in all cases I dont think cutting is wrong but if your going to do it do it like me

Answer #23

here are a couple of poems from back in my cutting days, kind of show how screwed up I was back then. part of my self rehabilitation was to face these poems in my old notebook when I was typing the manuscript for my poetry book, to see all the blood stains from years and years gone by was somewhat horrifying. THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF YOUR TUNNEL - NEVER FORGET THAT.

DIVINE PROTECTION blood blood flowing from my veins down my chest to the floor life life of pain don’t want it anymore hell it beckons to me “join us” tortured masses scream “join our soothing world of dreams” pain and suffering the life I lead devils deciples tempt me with lust and greed please keep me safe with the blood I bleed.

I’ll just leave it with just one poem

Answer #24

I think cutting is is as wrong as setting fire to your own hair or pulling out your own toenails, fingernails or would be just as wrong to use a chainsaw on your feet, legs or arms…it doesn’t accomplish anything really and it is wrong

Answer #25

I came across this, hope it helps:

While self-harm is not usually suicidal behavior, it should still be taken seriously. As with other kinds of addictive behaviors, you cannot simply tell someone to stop and expect her or him to comply. A professional therapist is usually needed to assist in overcoming self-injurious behavior. One has to have a better alternative in order to cope (stress).

Good Luck and God Bless !! HAPPY THANKS GIVING !!

Answer #26

I also cut and I know it is addictive. I have wanted to stop and I have also wqanted to do so much that it hurts me to think I would do that. and A LOT of my friendsa do it but they dont know I do it and they also dont know trhat I know they do it. but I beleive and agree with you thst if you wanted to stop you could and you dont want to and that is perfectly ok!!!♥

Answer #27

I use to do that and no1 understud why I did that. I would try to tell them but they wouldnt understand. I see where you are coming from. I think as long as you rly think you should be doing that n njot just doing it cause its sumthing alot of ppl do now ( well around here…) but yeah good luck or w.e lol… Just thought I would write you about this. Maybe you can help me out n talk me out of cuting when im upset or sumthing but yeah bye.

Answer #28

Although I don’t agree with your choice it is YOUR choice. If it works and you are not hurting someone else- worrying them, displaying your cuts and scars- then you choose how you want to deal with life. Just know that there are other ways to cope when you are ready to move on.

Answer #29

well, i kind of see where you are coming from. some people cut themselves. some smoke. some drink excessively. but they are all forms for self-mutilation. which is not healthy in the least. like someone said before me.. music and poetry and such are all productive ways to relieve stress. as for cutting yourself, it’s not. and it might make you feel better.. but it’s never something to be proud of.

Answer #30

You say that everyone has their own way of letting it out? Well writing and talking to counselors aren’t harmful and cutting is. As much as you think that you don’t want or need to dtop. trust me, you do. Your sub-conscious is tricking you into thinking it’s okay.You need to find other ways of venting out your anger instead of massacuring yourself. Think about why you cut yourself, what is it about life that bothers you so much? You’ll be surprised at what you come up with. You’ll regret all this in 10 years when you’re on your honey moon at some tropical island and you can’t wear a bathing suit because of all the nasty scars on your arms.

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